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The presentation for the beginning of the 'What's next for niche' discussion at News:rewired


  • 1. News:rewired
    • The nouveau niche - whats next?

2. About me @

  • Startedbournvillevillage.com
  • NowGuardian beatblogger in Cardiff
  • Trained at Cardiff School of Journalism in newspaper journalism
  • Social reporter for Podnosh, editor ofWestmidlandsdance.com

3. Tools I use Kit Audio The wires Video Pictures Open data sources People Words 4. Useful links

  • Twitter time management - by Steve Buttry
  • 10 routines at a start-upby Michael Anderson
  • Mashablessocial media guide for journalists
  • Be a community organiser - by Robert Niles
  • The Democracy Club- Guardian digital content blog