Ukraine Crisis By – Apoorva Yadav MBA Trainee Institute of Business Management & Research University of Mysore

Ukraine crisis

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Ukraine and Russia are under crisis over Crimea

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Ukraine Crisis

By – Apoorva YadavMBA Trainee

Institute of Business Management & ResearchUniversity of Mysore

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The Origin & Conquest of Crimea ҉� History of the Crimean Peninsula starts from 5th

century BC ҉� Several Greek colonies were established along its

coast҉�Since then Crimea has endured series of conquests

and invasions by:ΐ Greeksΐ Romansΐ  Hunsΐ  Kievan Rusΐ Byzantiumΐ  Mongolsΐ Crimean Khanate & ΐ the Ottoman Empire

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1783 • Crimea Annexed by the Russian Empire

1921 • Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic  was created

1945-54 • This Republic of Crimea became a province  of  Russia 

1991 • Crimea had status of Autonomous Republic within Ukraine

2014 • Crimea Annexed by the Russian Federation  

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And. . .҉�Russia pledged to uphold the territorial integrity of

Ukraine in a memorandum, also signed by the US & UK

҉�Russian President Boris Yeltsin & Ukraine's Leonid Kravchuk split the Soviet Black Sea Fleet between:ΐ Russia &ΐ The New Ukrainian Navy

҉�On 14 October 1993:ΐ the Crimean parliament established the post of President

of Crimea &ΐ Agreed the quota of Crimean Tatars (who were deported out as a

punishment of supporting Nazis) representation in the Council to 14

҉�The chairman of the Tatar Mejlis, Mustafa Abdülcemil was outraged

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҉� Next, the Crimean Tatar leader, Yuriy Osmanov was murdered

҉� Series of assassinations & attacks on Tatar community & Ukrainian officials took place

҉� On 30 January 94, the pro-Russian Yuriy Meshkov was elected President but he faced conflicts with parliament

҉� On 8th Sept. Crimean parliament degraded the President's powers to the head of executive only

҉� On 17 March 95, Ukraine intervened, scrapping the Crimean Constitution and removing Meshkov for:

ΐ his actions against the state &ΐ promoting integration with Russia

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Post Ukraine’s Annexation Over Crimea

҉�After the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, & Partnership in 1997, Moscow recognized Ukraine's borders & territorial integrity

҉�Russia also accepted Ukraine's sovereignty on Crimea & Sevastopol

҉� Russia was to receive ΐ 80% of the Black Sea Fleet &ΐ Use of military facilities in Sevastopol on

20yr lease҉�Controversy of the ownership of

a lighthouse on Cape Sarych between Ukraine & Russia still remain

҉�There have been unsuccessful attempts to return Cape Sarych to Ukrainian territory

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What Actually Happened?

Page 8: Ukraine crisis

Rising Tension҉�September 2008- Ukrain’s Foreign

Minister Volodymyr accused Russia of giving out Russian passports in Crimea

҉�January 2009- Nalyvaychenko, acting head of Security Service Ukraine started criminal proceedings against pro-Russian association

҉�24 August 2009- anti-Ukrainian demonstrations held in Crimea by ethnic Russian residents

҉�Crisis unfolded in Feb 2014 after Ukrainian revolution & the interim appointment of  Yatsenyuk Government

҉�Russia opposed the new Acting President of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov as "self-proclaimed“ in a "coup d'etat"  

Page 9: Ukraine crisis

҉�23 Feb- The law on languages of minorities is abolished, including Russian

҉�26 Feb- Thousands of pro-Russian & pro-Ukraine protesters clashed in Simferopol in front of parliament

҉� March 11: After disagreements with Ukraine, the Crimean Parliament & City Council of Sevastopol adopted a resolution:ΐ  To show intention to declare themselves

independent as united nationΐ Possibility of joining the Russian Federation as

a federal subject - if voters approve to do so in upcoming referendum

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Crimea Under Russia

Page 11: Ukraine crisis

Crimea Under Russia҉�March 16- Officials said that 96% votes in

Crimea supported to join Russia҉�However, the referendum had no international recognition

& no other country had sent its official observers҉�March 17- Crimean parliament declared independence

from Ukraine & requested to join Russian Federation҉�March 18- President Putin declared Crimea a part of Russia҉�All actions of Crimean parliament disregarded by

Ukrainian constitutional court ҉�The United States & the European Union consider the vote

illegal҉� March 27- U.N. General Assembly passed non-binding

resolution declaring Crimea's Moscow-backed referendum invalid

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Impact On Global Economy

Page 13: Ukraine crisis

Impact On Global Economy҉�The Ukrainian economy is going through a

balance of payments adjustment & will witness heavy loss due to the Crimea Crisis

҉�IMF bailed out $17 billion to Ukraine but govt. is looking at tight spending this year

҉�Russian stock market is down 20% this year &  IMF forecasted GDP fall from 1.3%-0.2% in 2014

҉�A third of Europe’s gas comes from Russia, thus the European Union can be at risk

҉�Russia & Ukraine are suppliers of energy, palladium, nickel, titanium & grain risking supply chains of companies using these materials

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҉�Troubles in Ukraine will hurt Russian banks, which have leant heavily to Ukraine

҉�Automakers in Germany will be heavily affected, since their manufacturing takes place in Russia

҉�More sanctions from US will put Russia into deep recession hitting consumers goods, technology & the financial sector

҉�Russia depends on European imports to keep its stores filled

҉�On the other hand uncertainty in global markets could boost demand for:ΐ U.S. government bondsΐ German bondsΐ Japanese bonds &ΐ U.K. bonds

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