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<ul><li> 1. 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555Campaign Top 10ActivitiesM Fill out, on time, compilation booklet being ost of the cam-paign mater-1all required legal paperwork. Its ahassle, and as Libertariansfilled with the Libertariancandidate did not respond tothe survey. Answering theial in this package,we tend to look on campaign questions in a forthrightwhile applicable forall levels of cam- The Top 10 reporting as just so muchmore governmental red tape.manner can garner you somepositive publicity even fromBut the all publicity is goodgroups that are not inpaigns, is geared activitiespublicity theory falls flatwhen the story is about yougeneral agreement with ourpartys positions.toward the seriouscandidate runningfor allbeing fined for not filling outyour disclosure forms. Plus,If you have trouble withany survey questions due toin a local race. The more you followLP infor- campaign disclosure lawsactually serve as restraintson political power, and ontricky wording, feel free tocontact LP National DirectorRon Crickenberger forthe campaign techniquesand activities in themationalthat level at least could besupported by Libertarians.assistance. Call him at:s (202) 333-0008 Ext. 227.manual, the more suc- candidates s Or via e-mail at:2 Return all media RonCrickenberger@hq.LP.orgcessful your campaign calls promptly.will be. The opportunity Attend all candi- But at this stage ofour partys development,many of our campaigns the Party in terms of public and media expo-for free media exposure isone of the most valid reasonsfor running an informational4date forums to which you areinvited. This is anotherare of the limited, or sure. But even strictlyor paper campaign. If you doavenue for easy publicity thatinformational type.paper campaignsnot return calls quickly, thisshould never be passed up.taints the reporters view notIts not the people in the liveThese campaigns serveshould have goals andonly of your campaign, but of audience that are important;valuable functions for standards. Libertarians in general.they are usually candidateThe first five items on supporters who already have our top ten list comprise3 Answer all candi-their minds made up. But the a must do for all date surveys you forums are covered by Libertarian campaigns.receive. Some of media, who will spread thethem may seem irrelevant, message to people whoand others may have ques- havent made up their mindstions worded in such a wayabout which candidate toas to not really allow asupport.Written byLibertarian answer.Ron CrickenbergerBut nothing looks worsethan an organizations survey</li></ul> <p> 2. Get a good head5important for the LPs long-prepare one for Libertarians, shot phototerm success. I encourage and another for the general done, preferably you to include an LP mem- public. For bonus points, joinby a professional. Youll bership form on any literature. Toastmasters, which willneed it to graduate from aprobably lead to speakingstrictly paper campaign to aengagements itself.7 Prepare a newshigher-level informational release aboutcampaign. The photo should your candidacy. Raise at leastbe included in any mailingsor press releases sent to themedia. It will increase theIf your campaign covers onlya small area, hand deliver asmany press releases as 10some money for your campaign.The program described in thechances of newspaperpossible (along with photo).enclosed flier Raising Moneycoverage. Use this as a way to intro- Quickly: Raising Your First O Plus, the Libertarian Partynce youve metduce yourself to local$2,500 in Seven Days willmight be able to use your reporters. Basic news release work for you as it has forphoto for inclusion in these mini-structure is covered in yourhundreds of other candi-publicity campaigns that wemum requirements campaign manual.dates. You simply have tocan handle for you. Pleaseuse it. Nothing will push your for a campaign,8send us your photo ASAP, to Prepare a press campaign further than usingRon Crickenberger at: kit. This shouldother peoples money tos Libertarian Party here are the nextinclude yourspread the Libertarian2600 Virginia Avenue, NW steps you should photo, your announcementmessage.Suite 100 news release, and a list ofWashington DC 20037. take to move yourshort quotes from you on the campaign to theissues youll be stressing inyour campaign. This is also next level of success. the stage where you shouldbe preparing a brochure orSet goals for your6 campaign. Setaggressive but realistic goals ones thatcampaign card. You may alsowish to include the LPshistory sheet and other partyliterature. (See the enclosed are appropriate for your order form.) expected level of activity. Dont set a goal to win unless you intend to be at least as active as the major party candidates.9Write a stump speech. This is your basic cam-paign speech, which explainsAll goals should be inwho you are, why youre terms of specific numbers. running, and what you would Good goals for informational do if elected. You should level campaigns could be to win your home precinct, to increase your vote totals by a certain percentage over previous Libertarian cam- paigns in your area, to do a certain number of media interviews, or to increase LPAP R O D U C T I O NO F membership in your area by The National LP Headquarters a certain number. 2600 V I R G I N I A A V E N U E , NW, S U I T E 100The latter is particularlyW A S H I N G T O N , DC 20037 P H O N E : (2 02) 333-0008F A X : (202) 333- 0072 WWW.LP.ORG</p>