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Some pondering facts which might disturb or inspire you....


<p>Some Fabulous Facts</p> <p>Some Pondering Facts1 in every 3,400 people in the US is an Elvis impersonator.Ref: Prospect (UK).</p> <p>1 in every 32 people in America is in prison.Ref: Daily Times (Pakistan).</p> <p>According to the General Social Survey (US) there has been a 300% increase in the number of Americans that have absolutely nobody to talk to about their problems.Ref: American Sociological Review (US).</p> <p>By the year 2025 people aged over 60 will outnumber those aged under 25 in the UK.Ref: Daily Telegraph (UK).</p> <p>Between 2001 and 2005, China accounted for 50% of all global economic growth.Ref: The Sunday Times (UK).</p> <p>90% of men that have walked on the moon were once Boy Scouts.Ref: Prospect (UK).</p> <p>Sharks kill around 10 people each year. Falling coconuts kill roughly 150.Ref: George Burgess, University of Florida (US).</p> <p>According to an Australian survey, 63% of people feel that they are overloaded with information and 40% have difficulty remembering more than 3 phone numbers.Ref: Daily Telegraph (Aus).There are 500,000 semi-automatic machine guns in private hands in Switzerland.Ref: Prospect (UK).</p> <p>31% of teenagers in America think theyll be famous some day.Ref: Psychology Today (US).</p> <p>A survey in the UK says that 63% of girls aged 15-19 think that being a glamour model is the ideal profession.Ref: Sydney Morning Herald (Aus).</p> <p>In the mid 1950s 9% of adults were single in the US. The figure is now 44%Ref: Innovation Watch (US).</p> <p>In 1998 there were roughly 12 pro-terrorism websites worldwide. Last year there were roughly 4,700.Ref: Harpers (US).</p> <p>Australians spend more than 3 hours every day watching television but only 12 minutes talking to their partner.Ref: Sydney Morning Herald (AUS).</p> <p>There are almost as many Chinese learning English in China as there are </p> <p>people who can speak English living in the US, UK and Canada combined.Ref: Financial Times (UK).</p> <p>92% of teenage girls in the UK are unhappy with their bodies and teenagers living in urban areas are the least happy according to a study by University College London. In London only 6% of teenage girls are happy with their body compared with 14% in Yorkshire.Ref: Bliss (UK).In China there are more households that own a DVD player than have running hot water.Ref: The Guardian (UK).</p> <p>To make a cotton T-Shirt requires 27,000 litres of water.Ref: The Guardian (UK).</p> <p>90% of all scientists and engineers with PhDs will live in Asia by 2010.Ref: Purdue University (US).</p> <p>In 2008 an average PC was 32,000 times more powerful and 12 times less expensive than an average PC in 1981.Ref: A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali</p> <p>10% of people in the US say that they would be happy to have an internet access device planted directly inside their brain.Ref: Harpers (US).</p> <p>There are currently 1.5 billion devices (approximately) connected to the Internet. By 2012 there are expected to be 14 billion.Ref: Forrester Research (US).</p> <p>Its estimated that in the US 16 million barrels of oil are used every year to produce bottled water containers.Ref: Harpers (US).</p> <p>China has 21% of the worlds population but only 1.8% of the worlds oil supply.Ref: Eurasia Group (US).</p> <p>A typical avatar in Second Life consumes the same amount of electricity each year as an average Brazilian in real life.Ref: Rough Type (US).</p> <p>630 million people live within 10km (6 miles) of the sea worldwide.Ref: Economist (UK).</p> <p>5% of waste generated worldwide is electrical goods. Ref: Sunday Times (UK).Of the 120,000 blogs created daily, 50% are about the same subject - the writer.Ref: Esquire (US).</p> <p>All South Korean police stations now have cyber crime units to deal with online violence and bullying.Ref: BBC (UK).</p> <p>Five of the top ten best-selling novels sold in Japan during 2007 started life as cell-phone stories (i.e. digital downloads to mobile phones).Ref: South China Morning Post (China).</p> <p>52% of Korean infants aged 3-5 regularly use the Internet, spending on average 4 hours every week online.Ref: Korean Herald (Korea).</p> <p>Almost 80% of 16-18 year olds in the US cannot name the 4 largest TV networks in the US (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox).Ref: CNN (US).</p> <p>In 2008 the average American spent more on lottery tickets than books.Ref: Iconoculture (US).The Web uses 5% of global electricity.Ref: Kevin Kelly.</p> <p>Stay Tuned for More!!!</p> <p>Digivine.wordpress.com36</p>