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Annotation of Contents Page

To start QuarkXPress you have to change the columns and tick the Facing Pages so that the settings are right for a contents page.

Add two pages by moving the facing page which allows you to create pages, as many as you want in the style you want e.g. pages.

By clicking on the right hand, it gives you the option importing an image, however you have to use the rectangular picture box- this is were it allows you to add a picture.

Using the scale option on the image you want to use helps you make it to the right size you want.

When I added the text I used the rectangular text box tool which allows you to make a box where you want to add text and the small little hand only lets you move the text.I used this tool box for text which allowed me to change the font, make it bold and underline the title.

I used this tool box for my text which allowed me to produce my coverlines as this I could change the colours and underline, make it bold too.