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  • 1. SimplePossibleclean sexual MAGAZINE innuendo

2. The brief given to me by the Northern Echo was to produce a newspaper or magazine of my choice that has to be self funded by advertising and aimed at a target audience of 16-25.My aim: to create a magazine that is in acompletely new genre and appeals to thetarget audience.WELCOME TO RIDE 3. The internetMost readis very lads magspopular Alternative shops were popularAlcoholic15 adrinks weremonthpopularspent on clothes WomenXbox is the were themost popular favouriteconsole feature in a lads mag 4. Stylistics haveto be right,image : textThe magazine has75:25 to be quiteInformal andsimplistic so that ittaboodoesnt take a lotlanguageMales 17-24 of effort to readEquestrianA,B,C1It can begenre = high Rahs aimed at aend slightly loweraudience Students Tastefulaudience Class andnakedness because of the sophistication stylisticsRead in sparetime, not a lot of itso need to beable to just scanthe stories 5. My magazine is predominantly a ladsmag with a different theme linked to theride theme each month This month the theme is horse riding and so that is the comical link that isOther links that could be made and being madefeatured in other issues are Motorcycle riding Trial biking SkateboardingThrough thorough audience Roller-coastersresearch I found that if I was to Bike ridingaim this magazine at equestrian Etc. males, there wouldnt be a big enough audience and the product wouldnt be successful because of the genre that it is linked with 6. This month I am focusing onthe equestrian genre, the 2genres are both in need ofsomething new and local.The magazines that are onthe market are all similar interms of style and contentand so by producing a newgenre of magazine thatcombines the 2, it is fillingthe gaps. 7. 4th top/1st top lads mag sellingStories aremagazine formainlyBusy layoutmen at 577images withper weeka little text,thelanguageA lot of sell linesused isinformalOne mainimage on the Lots ofpage each pictures week Similar layout Pictures of Lots of sellfeatures that helplines to sell the storiesOne mainimage onthe pageMaintainingthe busy 4layout tocolourscatch thereaders eye 8. 1.Audience feedback:I would definitely read thisI like the I love theboxes with busy layoutdifferent of no.2, itpictures and looks a lottext in more professional 2.take number 2forward withI like thenumber 1s articleway theGodivafacts areaway fromthe article in no.1 isthe article a lot more suited to young males 9. I like how different this magazine is, Ive never seen anything quite like itWe can takeposters and leafletsinto our shop 10. Photographers Models ProfitJournalist 1,622.72 Make-up artist Expenditure 3308.75Studio space hire(inc. lights and backrop) Arena Graphic designerPrintingIncome 3,118.53 Sub editor 8,050 Layout artist Front cover designer Photoshop InDesign 11. Outside a college or universityfor the first time.Good foradvertising Lots of malestudents DistributionThe word willThick enough to spreadwithstand wearand tear, not toothin and flimsy Inside paper:150gsm, coated, glosspaperThicker than theFront and back cover: inside pages, thick250gsm, coated, gloss enough to protectpaper the magazine 12. Sky line toadvertiseanother featureYellow connotesfreshness andalmost purity One main image down the side as in NutsRed connotessexiness and lust Black acts as a base colour forthe others to go againstLots of sell lines toattract thereaders eye 13. Same layout asNutsColours the same as the front page A lot of pictures to keep itto keep a strict colour scheme good to look at 14. Article about the story of LadyGodiva and a local person reRed, yellow, white and black enacting herSimilar to the mock ups but withA lot of break out boxes so that a different language style andthere is enough text on the page the Godiva facts added inbut not all pushed together 15. An article about bondage but 2 A model that iskeeping it classy and not trashyarticles, showing fully covered uplike the articles that you normally slight links to see horse riding 16. LOCALCOMBINING 2LADS MAGGENRES WHAT? ALTERNATIVEEQUESTRIAN IN NEED OFSOMETHING FORSOMETHING17-24 YEAR OLDSNEW WHY?FILLING A GAP INNEEDS LOCALTHE MARKETFEATURES 17. 16-25- 17-24NEWSPAPER ORMAGAZINE USP SELF-FUNDEDLOCAL MAGAZINE THAT COMBINES BYTWO GENRES OF ALREADYESTABLISHED AND WELL KNOWN ADVERTISINGMAGAZINES TO CREATE A NEW ANDDIFFERENT GENRE EACH MONTHToo much competition on theNEW GENREmarket to produce a new magazinethat would sell efficiently 18. Please feel free to ask any questions