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Petitioners account rendered as: British Crown Claims of Bentley's Hotel 1854-2013

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These are the Bentley's Hotel Crown claims of 1854 that were defrauded in the British Colonial Parliament in 1859 by the Chairman of the select committee J.B.Humffray who illegally sold the Bentley Claimants lands whilst they were awaiting their justifiable compensations for their "Hotel Eureka" that was seized by the British Crown Police at Ballarat East on the 17th October 1854 to use as a "SPY BASE" by 12 undercover officers of Police in their task to report back to the Police camp from which the Governor in Council was to be informed the identity of a group of persons who were planning to hold a Monster meeting behind the Hotel that day at 12;30 pm! These officers did seize the property from the Bentley's (these claimants) at 10;30 am on that morning and all was held in the custody of those police for the Government! It promised to protect these premises that it held by indemnification because it was using them as a Government "SPY BASE" instillation as said to go into the MOB of expected demonstrators of up to some 4000 disaffected gold diggers led by Marxist Socialist speakers who had organized the meeting on the day! The leader of the demonstration was one John Basson Humffray who in 1856 was voted in to the first open Colonial Parliament as a member for Ballarat East, and it was he who organized the attack on the Hotel in 1854,and then sat as the Chairman in 1859 over the select committee to repay all those who had lost property in the Ballarat Riots in 1854 prior to the Eureka Stockade incident on the 3rd of December 1854. The Bentley claimants were the main claimants but were never paid because of FRAUD and bias from that select committee chairman! These claims are therefor un-remedied by the British Government nor its Parliament today for which it owes the heir at law of these original claimants! These are executive Parliamentary Crown claims for remedy that cannot be heard in its courts of law in Britain only its Parliament in a fresh select committee according to law to take it again in sitting a "new quorum" in consideration and remedy, and payment to these claimants deceased or their heir! They know my particulars & residential address not disclosed here for privacy reasons in public! PM David Cameron take this Petition for remedy into the Parliament House please in order that it be finalized !

Text of Petitioners account rendered as: British Crown Claims of Bentley's Hotel 1854-2013

  • PETITIONERS ACCOUNT RENDERED Reminder!TO :THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT Dated this the 12th December 2013 Documented Evidences of Proof enclosed for viewing as attached

  • Bentleys Eureka Hotel British Crown claim compensations 1854-2013

  • The Britannia Royals of Britain petition these claims to the Parliament of Britain as these are British Crown claims already claimed in 1854 by the original claimants but NOT repaid because of Fraud within its Parliament in 1859 to defraud my great grandparents the Bentleys of their compensations and lands at Ballarat!

  • The Eureka Stockade incident 1854

  • Burning of Bentleys Hotel 1854

  • The Eureka Stockade Rebellion on the 3rd December 1854 at Ballarat Victoria. Australia

  • British Crown Parliamentary Frauds in these Matters of our claims & Lands values accrue 1854-2008!As claimed since 1854 of that original amount of the then compensation monies owing to these claimants was 30,000 pounds sterling and to date this amount plus legally incurred interest accruing since (Negotiable) Signed: Andrew OCrowley, (Address with held) Web contact addresses; or email; [email protected]

  • The Colonial Government did illegally seize Bentleys Hotel for its own use as a Government Spy base and installation two hours prior to those riots beginning! And the Government had inserted 12 plain clothed Police to come and go from our Hotel undetected amongst the Crowd in the coarse of the insurgents meeting being held nearby in the afternoon on the 17th October 1854! As seized for Government use in contract by an agent of The Queen in the use of those government premises whilst in its Protection and enduring indemnification by the British Crown!

  • Proof evidence of Parliamentary Fraud in the Bentley case & claims

  • This proves also that the chairman of the Bentleys Hotel compensation sitting in the British colonial parliament in Victoria J.B.Humffray was selling lands illegally in 1859 and receiving bribe monies from land speculators at Ballarat for lands he said were listed as forfeited Crown lands? But one such parcel of land was the Bentleys Hotel lands in Ballarat East the Bentleys were awaiting their compensations In order to go back and rebuild their Hotel anew to restart their lives ! Instead their lands were ilegally sold by Humffray! That these lands frauds are current illegal acts to deprive the heir owner at law and the British Authorities are responsible for the loss of these lands and the owed compensations 2013

  • Proof of evidences that dark sinister Parliamentary fraud took place against these claimants 1856-1882-2008 from within the colonial Parliament & including Lands Frauds against us!

  • Mrs. Catherine Bentley was the owner of the Eureka Hotel & Publican not her husband as many believed since 1854 and she should have been compensated by the Crown which this list of Publicans proves was the case!

  • The Crown petition for payment by Mrs. Catherine Bentley 1854 is still a current claim today because of the discovery of Parliamentary frauds in 1859 against her in that period and found since 2002

  • Proof of ecclesiastical probate rights to our lands and funds owed by Crown to these estates in the cases where the petitioner was found by a court to be of unsound mind by which the Crown would protect his estates and property, and monies or claimed owing compensation funds under Ecclesiastical law to his heir at law! Circa cite :Crown probate laws1890. Mr. James Bentley died whilst of unsound mind on the 11th April 1873 as heard in the Coroners court findings surroundant his demise by poisoning by suicide!

  • Proof of evidence that James Bentley was tried twice on the same offense in 1854 as notated by his wife and claimant entitled in 1892 in her own handwriting placed on the reverse side of her 1854 Hotel floor plans!

  • 1854 Ground Plan of Bentleys Hotel covering some two acres of former Crown lands

  • This is a revived current British Crown Parliamentary ClaimThe Scales of Natural Justice in this case and claims are tilted towards us as the righteous subjects of The Queen, and not Her Parliaments members , nor former colonies as Victoria in these matters! These claims therefore stand as: CURRENTLY OWING & DUE in contract! As a Claim against the Crown shall not be deemed a claim unless it accrues from a contract with the claimant demur by or on behalf of Her Majesty or Her agents Cite: What was told to these claimants by that police Sub inspector Maurice Ximenez at 10 a.m. on the 17th October 1854 at time of seizure! Quoted : That I take charge of all these premises and properties is now in my custody! Not myself personally but the Governments custody! As they will protect it, all! That is Crown indemnification of all! To this day included!

  • Andrew & Francis OCrowley (Parent)

  • Proof of Police/Crown government illegal seizure took place in 1854!

  • Burning replica of Bentleys Eureka Hotel at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria.

  • For more details see our videos at on this topic at: or at our Royal Face book page as:

    Petition for payment accrue; As 1854 Parliamentary Contractual Crown Claims accrue! Please take Notice: That this Humble petitioner on behalf of the Late Bentley family as their only Deceased Heir at Law hereby levies an account as rendered (Negotiable) in claims against the Crown or Her Majesties agents in request for full payment in what was then owed by Crown to these claimants entitled in 1854 as it was then justified compensations under the Canadian Rebellion Losses Bill of 1838 as introduced into Victoria Colony as in the method of payment for the said total losses incurred upon your petitioners, and their heirs and successors of the Late claimants entitled !Those persons being James & Catherine Bentley and sons including their grandchildren and heirs for the sum as those losses incurred by Crown being then on the 17th day of October 1854, the sum of thirty thousand pounds sterling ,for the losses of private property which were illegally seized on that day in question at 10 oclock a.m. by the agents of Her Late Queen Victoria and her Military who wantonly allowed those said properties to be totally destroyed at 12 30pm on that day in and whilst in the Police custody for its use by that Government of the Colony of Great Britain for the official use as a spy base in use against rebel insurgents who were expected nearby at a proposed public meeting in order to make speeches and stir up the populous against Her Majesties Government! As shown and proven by the recent supply of sworn eyewitness accounts of that incident occurrence on the date and time expressed in documented evidence format circa 1854 as copies of originals sent to the Government of the Victoria Colony whereby a debt of obligation had arose to these claimants entitled under the conditions of the said Canadian Rebellion losses Bill of 1838, as claimed upon the Crown on the 15th day of November 1854 by these claimants for themselves and also their heirs at law for the sum now due and owing of Eleven Million & Five Hundred Thousand Pounds (NEG) Due to dark and sinister persons associated to the real murder of a young man called John Martin in 1854 who was murdered over a gold claim dispute at Ballaarat in 1854! And that he was not the person these persons responsible for his death as they alleged against my ancestor as being James Scobie one of their own cohorts in that crime who he and others actually killed/murdered and dumped that body near to the rear of our hotel at night! And these same Parliamentarians who sat over the Bentley claims were involved in that murder intrigue and spiriting the real murderer James Scobie away to New Zealand in 1855, away from the hands of the colonial police who were fooled by the set up of my ancestors in 1854! That this conspiracy was unraveled in as late as 1990(Discovery Laws) here . And so you are advised in that matter of the true innocence of the Bentleys, these claimants? Signed as petitioners Heir at Law 1954 to 2013. Address for service: (With held). Telephone: (with held)

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