Panchayat Minister in Chhattisgarh

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There are not many towns in the state where the general

population, training, wellbeing and biases are cognizant.

According to the panchayat minister in Chhattisgarh Mr.

Chandrakar, the village people should not be denied or deprived of

the youth skill development training.

With various fruitful plans in the field of sustenance, wellbeing office

vaccination of newborn children, there must be active participation of

the general population in the battle toward social concerns.

Keeping in mind the end goal to provide employment to unemployed

authorities, the panchayat minister in Chhattisgarh Shri Ajay

Chandrakar has decided to actualize the NREGA plan.

The authorities and local program organizers have been requested to

be available so that they give best results to the stated provisions.

The panchayat Minister in Chhattisgarh Ajay Chandrakar joined

Arang block under Raipur area administrator Adarsh Gram Yojana

Gram Rewa at the Clean India mission.

A move to provide bathrooms to 108 families must be fruitful. Until the

end of the general improvement, the towns must be totally satisfied.

Atleast the washroom facility must be available in every public areas

and specially in schools. All these facilities will attract other students

also to join schools in remote areas.

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