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  • Chit Fund Software

  • First we will try to see how to create a (Chit Scheme)Enter the Chit NameEnter Chit Value.Total No. of members in that Group.

  • Create Chit Scheme

  • Here we will learn how to create a (Chit Group) Firstly Enter Group Name, then Chit agreement No., Commencement Date.Create Chit Group

  • Create Chit Group

  • Here we will learn how to create (Branch)Firstly Enter Branch name, then Contact Person, Mobile no, address.Create Branch

  • Create Branch

  • Here we will learn how to create (Branch User).First select branch, user type, state.Enter Contact Name, Phone No.Lastly Enter User name and Password.Create Branch User

  • Create Branch User

  • Here we will see how to update the Admin passwordFirst enter old password thenEnter new Password.Update Password

  • Update Password


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