Oil Paintings for Art Lover at Famous Art gallery in Delhi

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If you love art and are an avid collector of beautiful pieces of painting. Then all you have to do is browse the net for artcreations.in


  • 1. Oil Paintings for Art Lover at Famous Art gallery in DelhiArt is such an exceptional form of mind and soul relaxant. It can easily be said that art is a depiction of a persons imagination in a physical form. Different people have different perception about art. They think, work and grow differently. Many people believe that various creations like paintings, canvas and sculptures are very effective in enhancing a persons intellectual level. When you look at them, the nerves of your eyes and mind gets stimulated and you feel immensely relaxed. You may ask what a painting is. It is a physical description of a persons purest thought on a paper. Whenever, an artist holds a piece of paper in his hand then he has the power to bring life to that mere piece of paper. It takes a great deal of hard work and zeal to create a painting. When artist creates a piece of art, they not only insert life on a simple piece of paper. A canvas not only holds an image but has such a varied array of vibrant colors. A famous Art gallery in Delhi by the name of Art creation has been giving many beautiful creations to people. When you see a painting your mind is flooded with so many thoughts.

2. Paintings can be crafted on numerous surfaces like canvas, wood, wall, paper, glass, clay, lacquer, leaf, copper and sand etc. It is an ancient practice of combining paint, color and pigment. It is a state of emotion creativeness. Their various medias for painting like oil, water color, acrylic, pastel, hot wax, ink, gouache, fresco, spray paint, enamel and tempera etc. However, the most popular medium of paintings is Oil painting in Delhi. Oil painting is an innovative process of painting with creative use of pigments which are composed by a bound media of drying. The use of oil colors gives a unique glow to the painting. There are many painters and artists, who are trying to excel in the world of art. One artist who has made a very prominent mark is Shalini Srivastav. Her pieces of work are renowned all over the world. She portrays each and every emotion exceptionally well. All of the Oil painting by Shalini Srivastava is a sight for your tired and sore eyes. You can clearly see each and every stroke of brush. There is an innate sense of purity and calmness in her creations. These paintings invoke a keen sense of calmness and thoughtfulness in everybody. However, you have to see it through your own eyes to believe it. Contact Us Contact : Ms.Deepa Phone : 8860629500 Email: deepart091@gmail.com