How do I identify great media projects?

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<ul><li> 1. How can I identify the best local media or community engagement projects? </li> <li> 2. It doesnt have to be new </li> <li> 3. When we began looking in 2007 1 in 8 Americanslived in a city or town with a placeblog </li> <li> 4. Now that number is 1 in 2 </li> <li> 5. It doesnt have to be big.It doesnt have to be big </li> <li> 6. The future of journalism is about smaller and smaller organizations making a bigger and bigger impact </li> <li> 7. So how do I identify great projects? </li> <li> 8. WHAT CAN THEY DO WITHOUT ANYONE SASSISTANCE OR PERMISSION? </li> <li> 9. Everything about something! </li> <li> 10. Never start a company when you can start a </li> <li> 11. Good tests kill awed theories; we remain alive to guess again. </li> <li> 12. Relationships rst </li> <li> 13. Thanks! Lisa on LinkedIn: Lisa on Twitter: @lisawilliams </li> </ul>