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We believe we are your best choice for any home repair or remodeling need. The screening process we put tradesmen through is second to none. All have earned The Golden Seal of Approval. This insures peace of mind to all home and business owners in the Indianapolis area.

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  • 1.HANDYMAN SERVICES INDIANAPOLIS When you think remodeling Indianapolis,handyman Indianapolis, or home repair Indianapolis; the name to know is Handy Home Pros.

2. REMODELING & HANDYMAN SERVICES DONE RIGHT From interior to exterior, from big to small projects, from foundation to roof; whether it is a home repair or business repair you have come to the right place. Click request service and see just how easy it is to get the professional results you want for any home repair or home remodeling need. 3. QUICK PROFESSIONAL REMODELING Remodeling should be fun and easy and it is when you request service from us. Within hours the actual handyman or remodeling contractor who will be heading up your project will be in contact with you. No waiting for a reply, no searching through questionable on line reviews. In short you want a Handy Home Pros handyman or remodeling contractor. 4. CONTINUE 5. LocationsServices Handyman Indianapolis Remodeling Indianapolis Home Repair Indianapolis Home Maintenace Indianapolis Exterior Home Repairs Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN Raleigh, NC Charlotte, NC Columbus, OH St. Louis, MO Cleveland, OH Knoxville, TN Cincinnati, OH 6. WHY HANDY HOMEPROS?In our opinion, all other methods of finding service professionals are inferior to Handy Home Pros. The company was formed to develop and implement a fast, reliable system that gives real peace of mind to homeowners seeking a handyman, tradesman or contractor. We have all heard the horror stories related to home repair an home maintenance projects. The sad truth is that are handymen and contractors that are not here thing more than con artists. As bad as the above is it pales in comparison to finding out that the nice guy you hired to remodel your bathroom was actually a rapist or a pedophile. 7. CONTINUE .. Do you think that anyone who has had a horrible experience thought they were hiring a bad guy, of course not? Police reports reveal a consistent theme; the home owners did their research and felt very comfortable around the contractor. Once in our network all jobs are reviewed with customer satisfaction scores that help us make sure only the best service professionals remain. Handyman and contractor files are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. While no system is perfect, ours is far superior to deciphering on line reviews or going with your gut feel on someone who will be entering your home. 8. Our Professionals A Golden Seal of Approval professional will be in contact with you within one hour of your request for service, and often much sooner. 9. CONTINUE All must achieve our Golden Seal of Approval. This is the most thorough examination of service professionals in the industry. When a best friend recommends something to you it is based on a sincere belief that it is the best. Handy Home Pros goes way beyond that standard, just check out what is involved in achieving our Golden Seal of Approval. 10. THE BOTTOM LINE Within one hour, a fully qualified and trustworthy (seal) professional will be responding to you. You will have a pleasant experience and agree that we are your best friend that knows who to call for any of your future home repair, home maintenance or remodeling needs. 11. COST OF SERVICES Our service is free to the consumer. You will pay our professionals directly with no mark-up from us. Our handymen, tradesmen and contractors set their own price. We demand quality work and customer satisfaction. When work is complete, we will send you a survey. 12. HOW DOES HANDY HOMEPROS GET PAID? We are paid by the service professionals we allow on our program. They come to us hoping to earn our Golden Seal of Approval. We turn away more than we accept, due to our standards. This in turn lends value to our Golden Seal of Approval. 13. Who am I hiring? You are hiring the service professional directly. They will determine the price for your project and then you will pay them directly. Handy Home Pros employees do not perform the work at your home. 14. Important steps Hiring the right contractor is a daunting task and is a major reason why projects big or small get put off. Handy Home Pro 15. CLOGGED SINK This is a home maintenance or home repair item that we all will face more than once in our lives. It can be f 16. Light bulbs burning out too soon? Why do light bulbs burn out? The filament in your bulb maybe designed to burn a thousand hours but several things can cut 17. Home maintenance fire extinguishers Maintaining a fire extinguisher and acquiring the knowledge to use it effectively should be at the top of any home 18. ASTROTURFING WHAT IS IT? it's not synthetic grass used on sports fields. Astroturfing is the act of trying to bo 19. CONTACT US FOR MOREINFO CLICK HERE