Fundraising for a watchdog? Best and Worst Practices at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

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Presentation from the seminar for watchdog organizations "Key communication principles of watchdog organizations: what works?" organized by Citizens Network - Watchdog Poland in cooperation with Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law with support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Trust for Civil Society for Central and Eastern Europe along with Oiven (Czech Republic) with support of the Open Society Foundation in Prague, Warsaw, October 17 - 18, 2013. Author: Stefnia Kapronczay


  • 1. FUNDRAISING FOR A WATCHDOG? Best and Worst Practices at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

2. Hungarian Civil Liberties Union Watchdog NGO established 20 years ago Law reform, legal aid, strategic litigation, public education Protecting the rights of the Roma and speaking up againstthe ban on anti-semitic demonstration Excellence in communication Video Advocacy Program 2 full time, 1 part-time staff member Communication Officer Trained staff members in interviewing and video editing Cooperation! 3. For Transparency 4. Disability Rights VideoNews portalSuccess! 5. Campaign communication and connected fundraising is the tip of the iceberg 6. 1 % campaign Facebook Stickers Videos Events 7. Videos Can we make graffiti? Viral Video Draw the HCLU! 8. Events Personal Giving back! Collecting contacts Information sharing 9. Give 4 euros to the HCLU! 10. Crowdfunding 11. What did not work out? Fake parking penalties Joining a Critical Mass Cool video. No follow-up. 12. Numbers 6-10 % of our yearly budget comes from private donors That is worth one month of operation! By June, 2013 152 people donated at least 4 euros 13. Pointers Use your available sources. At first. Do not expect a miracle! . Have a strategy. Rewrite it. Give back! Report about your success! Be personal! Be wise! Your most important asset is credibility. 14. THANK YOU!