DPW Waterworks Presentation July2009

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This is an update on the Enterprise Account for water as presented to the Town Council on July 15, 2009 by DPW Director Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi

Text of DPW Waterworks Presentation July2009

  • 1. D e p a r t me n to f P u b l i cWo r k sFranklins WaterWhere we were, Where we are, Where we are going July 2009

2. Overview Budget Distribution System Treatment Testing Requirements DEP Permitting Improvements Goals and Plans 3. Budget Enterprise Fund FY 2010 $4,950,000 Personnel, Expenses, Equipment, Debt 14 Full Time Employees Factors Inflation (since 2002) Treatment Chemicals +178% Electricity +76% Increased Regulatory Demands 4. Distribution System 6 Storage Tanks (11.52 MG) 8 Booster Pump Stations 10 Wells 158 Miles of Water Pipe 1700 Hydrants 3300 Main Gates 9700 Service Connections 998,646,000 Gallons Pumped 5. Treatment Potassium Hydroxide for pH regulation and corrosion control Fluoride for teeth and bones Chlorine for water quality Sodium Hexametaphosphate to aid in Iron and Manganese control Ozone / Ultrafiltration for Iron and Manganese control (Wells 1&2 Only) 6. Increase in Testing RequirementsYear Number of tests performed Cost2002126 $10,000 2008676$55,000** Does not include additional man hours to administer testing 7. DEP Permitting Reduced Withdrawal Amount Old Permit 4.1 MGD New Permit 3.64 MGD 65 / 10 Requirements 65 Residential GPD 10% Accounted for Water Loss Increased Conservation Efforts Seasonal Water Restrictions Results Reduction in pumping amounts 2001 3.1 MGD 2009 2.7 MGD Reduced Consumption = Reduced Revenue 8. Improvements 20/20 Plan was implemented by Town Council for water system improvements 10M New Water Treatment Facility Treats 1/3 of water pumped daily (on average) Replaced over 15 miles of water main Replacement of antiquated Cast Iron / Asbestos Cement pipe (60-80+ years old) Improved Water Quality Reduced service interruptions Improved Fire Flow pressure rates Meter Replacement Program 90% Residential Replacement 100% Automation 100% Commercial Replacement Renovation of Existing Wells 9. Goals and Plans Continued Water Main Replacement Emmons & Main Streets Sahlin Circle Lincoln Street (multiple phases) Life-Cycle Repairs and Renovations for Wells 3,7,8 Permitting for and approval for Well #12 Improved Watershed Management System balancing Renew FIP Water Tank Continued water conservation, efficiency and public awareness efforts