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Climate Change is a Pass/Fail Test

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Climate change is a pass/fail test for the human species. It is also an opportunity.The silver lining is that to turn this emerging catastrophe into an opportunity will require that we make a better world for everyone.

Text of Climate Change is a Pass/Fail Test

2. Now is an Emergent Phenomenon intention storyresources power context 3. Emerging Now We Decide What We Want context storyresources power intention 4. Emerging Now We Create a Compelling Plan context storyresources power intention 5. Emerging Now We Use the Plan to Mobilize Resources context storyresources power intention 6. Emerging Now We Allocate Those Resources context story power resources intention 7. Emerging Now We Create a System That Dances with Context cotext storyresources intention context power 8. Macro-Context What we have to live with 9. Micro-Context What we can influence 10. Macro-Context The Planet is Warming at an Alarming Rate 11. Macro-Context It is Happening Much Faster Than Predicted 12. Macro-Context Positive Feedback Loops Cause Abrupt Atmospheric Heating Methane boiling out of a Siberian Lake 13. Macro-Context Squealing Weather Signals an Imminent Phase Shift Weather Records Broken in 2011 14. Macro-Context Human Activity is a Catalyst for Several Positive Feedback Loops 15. Macro-Context Every Day There are More of Us 16. Macro-Context Rising Resources Costs 17. Macro-Context Rising Food Cost 18. Macro-Context Socially Destabilizing Economic Inequality 19. Macro-Context Practically Unlimited Untapped Green Energy 20. We Know How to Find Answers Explosion of Scientific Knowledge 21. We Know What Works Social Policy Can Promote Elitism or Equality 22. Following Through We Can Know When It Isnt Working 23. Science of Wisdom We Know How to Make Wise Decisions 24. Cooperation VS Competition We Know How to Promote Social Cooperation 25. Wisdom Trumps Power We Know How to Make Governance That Works for Everyone 26. Micro- Context Starts With Making A Choice 27. Grow Or Die We Have to Experiment Because There is so Much We Dont Know 28. Continuously Strive for Less Wrong We Cant Wait for Certainty Before We Act 29. Get Our Priorities Straight Reduce Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere 30. We Know Where GHGs Come From 31. Be Responsible Replace Consumerism 32. Have Fun Doing It Theres More to Life Than Consumption, Discover What Vitalizes You 33. Paint Your Roof White, It Might Save Civilization Even Little Things Can Buy Us Critical Time to Set Things Right 34. A Million Viruses in a Drop of Sea Water Think Geo- restoration, Geo- engineering is Like Trying to Move a Balloon with a Sharp Stick 35. Empower Each Other Thrive Together 36. Emerging Now So What Do We Want context storyresources power intention 37. Lets Answer that Question Wisely

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