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  • Canadas Government


  • The Beginning of Canadas Government

    The Indians were the first people to settle in Canada. Later, the French took over their government. Then in 1763 the British won control of Canada from the French.Canada became free of Great Britain in 1931.
  • Democracy or Monarchy?

    Canadas government is actually a constitutional monarchy, but also a democracy.The leader of Canada is called a prime minister.Canadas queen is also Great Britains queen from when Great Britain took control of Canada in 1763.
  • Laws

    Canadas lawmakers work in a group called Parliament.Laws are made by Parliament. The people of Canada vote to choose their lawmakers.They vote every five years or less but an election can be called at any time.
  • Definitions

    Monarchy- A type of government with one main leader, or ruler, such as a king or queen.Democracy- A government where the citizens vote for their leader by holding elections.Prime Minister- The chief minister of a ruler or state.
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