10 Inspirational Posts by LinkedIn Influencers

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What inspires you? LinkedIn Influencers share what motivates them in our new series. Read them all at http://www.linkedin.com/channels/inspiration?trk=li_ss_0713_influencers. And tell us how inspired you are by your work in the LinkedIn Inspiration Index: http://www.linkedin.com/inspiration-index/answer?trk=ii_slideshare.

Text of 10 Inspirational Posts by LinkedIn Influencers


2. What inspires you? Photo Credit: Flickr/jason-samfield 3. 50+ LinkedIn Influencers share their inspiration. The following are 10 highlights: Photo Credit: Flickr/Nasir Nasrallah 4. Reading has been my favorite pastime since my earliest memory, and in my adult years books have become some of my greatest inspirations. Read more Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Social Innovation at Twitter 5. 5 Rejection: It serves as a reminder to move forward and certainly to never give up. Read more Herb Greenberg Senior Stocks Communicator CNBC 6. What inspires and keeps me motivated is that I love to have an impact, and its a great reward to see a connection between the work that I do. Read more Charlene Li, Founder Partner at Altimeter Group 7. Sir Harvey-Jones belief in business as a force for good, rooted in his faith in people and his capacity to inspire them to greatness. Read more Steve Tappin CEO Xinfu 8. After 9/11: That sense of unity and strength was inspiring. Read more Caryn Seidman Becker Chairman and CEO CLEAR 9. I'm inspired by people and businesses that do incredible things despite glaring flaws or environmental disadvantages. ~Shane Snow, Cofounder of Contently Read more 10. My Dad, the radio station manager: The best leaders are caring and sincere. They are the same with family and friends that they are in the office. They lead with their character. Read more Chester Elton Author of All In NY Times Bestseller 11. People who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to others peoples lives. Read more Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group 12. Quality Time Remaining (QTR) is what motivates me every day to take smart risks, inspire greatness in others, and (hopefully) have a lasting impact on the PR industry. Read more Steve Rubel Chief Content Strategist Edelman 13. Life is too short not to make things easier, faster and altogether better. Ask Why? and How? Read more Ilya Pozin CEO of Open Me 14. Get more inspiration: www.linkedin.com/channels/inspiration How often do you feel inspired by your work? Share with us on the LinkedIn Inspiration Index!