Top most video editing apps for android

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1. Top Most Video Editing Apps for Android 2. As the technology is enhancing day by day there are many inventions all around.At present the hot topic is android games for pc. Most popular game is candy crush saga for computer. Coming to the android devices there are many changes all around. Starting with the basic apps to some high definition apps. 3. Like video editing apps are something new to watch out this season. Before this release you were able to get image editing Download Instagram for PC modern era has changed it video editing apps. Let us see few apps related to video editing. 4. Magisto Video Editor: If you are looking to do some magic with your videos then this app gives you vast chances. Its basic work is to convert some ordinary videos to gazing ones. You can get the sound tracks to the videos that have no stuff in background. 5. Just you have to Click here the video and the sound track you would love to have on that video and leave the rest of work on the app to see the magic. It will give you a professional look as if you are watching a movie. 6. Video Trimmer: This app is the finest of all since you can cut the videos as you wish. Select the video that you would like to modify to get more info. Then select the predefined time period of the video that you actually need. 7. And now your video is ready as per your desired time or emotions that you would like to watch rather than total useless video. It also comprises of some magic tools like extracting the mp3 audio from the video. This is an amazing option to have audio from the video. 8. Viddy: All the features in this app are similar to the above two apps. Here you can share all the videos at an instance on all social media sites and YouTube. The most interesting tool is it allows you to select the desired brightness, contrast, lighting and many more when you edit the videos by using this app. 9. As similar to video trimmer it gives you a chance to select the desired sound track for the video you have shoot earlier. It is also capable of extracting your favorite sound tracks from the videos. So if you are looking for extra features then this are the one you should have it on your android device. 10. CREDIT: