Top Mobile Apps of Business Executives

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Want to know what apps business exes use who are at the top of their game? Learn more via our Tech Page One

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2. Categories of Apps Business Entertainment Weather Travel Productivity Lifestyle 3. Click this button to Tweet information on each slide Tweet this 4. Dark Sky is amazingly accurate and useful and the design is brilliant. Patrick Keane President of Sharethrough Dark Sky Dark Sky not only shows temperature and precipitation patterns, it provides continuously updated maps and graphs while also sending severe weather alerts. Tweet thisTweet this 5. [Dropbox Mailbox] helps me prioritize focusing on what needs to be done right at this moment versus feeling overwhelmed by massive emails that can be handled at a later date. Carrie Kerpen CEO of Likeable Media Dropbox Mailbox Dropboxs Mailbox app ensures a mobile-friendly inbox that allows users to organize incoming messages quickly and easily. Tweet this 6. [The LinkedIn app] is an effective way to always be connected to the most important group of people in your personal and professional life. Ekaterina Walter Co-Founder & CMO of Branderati LinkedIn LinkedIns app keeps people engaged with their close contacts, while allowing them to share expertise and discover the latest industry news. Tweet this 7. For a company that has a lot of employees HipChat makes it easy to stay in touch with everyone and see what they are up to. Neil Patel Co-Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics HipChat HipChat offers a chat service for internal company communication. Its like a regular IM service that gives businesses administrative controls. Tweet this 8. [Hightail] allows me to quickly review and comment on complex presentations while I jump back and forth between my computer and mobile device. Jim Joseph President of Cohn & WOlfe Hightail The Hightail app allows for sharing very large attachments along with storage and le management capabilities normal email services cant handle. Tweet this 9. I have found that Google Analytics provides the most accurate real-time reporting, and its easy navigation and beautiful display make it simple to track RebelMouses progress every day from my mobile device. Paul Berry Founder and CEO of RebelMouse Google Analytics The Google Analytics app crunches real-time numbers and data for a business while giving executives access to reporting proles from any mobile device. Tweet this 10. Without Trello, we would probably be using spreadsheets or Post-It notes to keep track of our tasks across the entire organization. Darian Shirazi Founder and CEO of Radius Trello Trello is useful for organizing short-term tasks while also planning long-term goals. Trello also makes it easy to add people to tasks and track company milestones. Tweet this 11. On the angle of security, Passpack stands out. Dane Atkinson CEO of SumAll Passpack Passpack allows for the storage and sharing of all accounts and passwords inside a company, which can sometimes number in the hundreds. Tweet this 12. I am not a big app guy, but I use Tripit Pro to organize my travel schedule and Evernote is my favorite--its just a great tool. Drew Patterson CEO of Jetsetter TripitPro & Evernote Tripit Pro can make traveling easier by forwarded travel conrmation emails and creating a daily itinerary for each trip. Evernote improves productivity by letting users take notes and make to-do lists that are accessible from any mobile device. Tweet this 13. Richard Lent CEO of AgencyNet Sharethrough Sharethrough lets users take notes during meetings, interviews, and lectures by tracking your notes while also recording audio. I actually use my iPad much more for viewing, than actually creating content. That said, the apps I can't live without are Flipboard and Kindle for reading; Soundpaper, Keynote and Kayak for work Tweet this 14. I love Flipboard. I dont have magazine subscriptions anymore because why would I? Nancy Lublin CEO of Flipboard Flipboard collects information and updates from various social media networks and other websites and presents it all to the user like a magazine. Tweet this 15. These are my favorite apps: Thrillist, especially when I travel... Adam Rich Editor-in-Chief of Thrillist Thrillist The Thrillist app puts much of the information on the companys website into a handy interface perfect for an executive who is on the road much of the time. Tweet this 16. The iPad is always with me, and I use Highrise for CRM and project management--its a great way to nd out whats happening with the company. Lisa Falzone Co-Founder and CEO of Revel Systems Highrise Highrise helps manage contacts while also acting as a CRM tool, allowing users to keep track of all the people they do conduct business with. Tweet this 17. Subscribe to Dell's Tech Page One Digest WANT THE LATEST IN TECH NEWS? SIGN ME UP!