SXSW Interactive 2016: Your Mobile RFP Sucks

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  1. 1. SXSW INTERACTIVE 2016 Your Mobile RFP Sucks, Lets Fix It!
  2. 2. FREYA ZAHEER General Manager Sakara Life Meet the Panel D. KATE FORBES VP eCommerce Digital Experiences & Operations Belk MATTHEW KNUTI Director of Strategy Fuzz FABIOLA CARCAMO VP Mobile Product
  3. 3. Agenda Meet the Panel Each will share their top RFP nightmare The RFP Process Anatomy of a Mobile RFP Diagnose what sucks Reveal surprising strengths! Discussion Topics Q&A
  4. 4. Topics for Discussion Hybrid, Platforms, Frameworks or Native? When to constrain the mobile technology approach and why? Describing technical requirements and providing documentation Leading an effective response evaluation process Offshore vs. Onshore Too little detail vs. too much: how to strike a balance MVP vs. long-term planning Identifying & evaluating mobile vendors Portfolio, app ratings, references, head- count 3 mistakes weve each made, and how to fix them 5 often-missed questions you must ask Early Roadmapping Android & iOS? Tablet? Wearable? Every possible social login? What you need to decide now RFI: Whats the purpose? When is it needed? Timing: When should you engage a mobile vendor in your product lifecycle? How to talk about budget What to do when: You have an app that needs fixing You have some in-house resources, but not enough Your APIs arent quite ready Mobile surprises for those with web-only experience