How to create an iPhone app demo

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  • Interactive Demos Made Easy

    How to create an iPhone App Demo

  • Create an interactive iPhone App Demo in only a few minutes

    1. Decide on the best possible scenario 2. Take screenshots, screen by screen 3. Sign up to 4. Create a new demo & upload your screenshots 5. Add interaction & animations & annotations 6. Share it with the world!

  • 1. Best scenario = Best results

    One of the best selling scenario is showing your potential users how your app solves one of their problems. Dont try to showcase everything from a single shot. Focus on one feature or scenario at a time.

  • 2. Create a flow with your screenshots

    Follow your scenario and take screenshots, screen by screen. To capture a screen, press and hold your iPhone Home button and then press the power button. Your screenshots will appear in your Photo Gallery.

  • 3. Sign up on

    You can sign in from your desktop or mobile device, with your Google or Facebook account. With the basic account you can create a demo for free. Just sign up on

  • 4. Create a demo & upload screenshots

    "My Demos -> "Create Demo" -> Select a frame for your demo and give it a relevant name. The frame will be visible when the demo is viewed on a computer and not visible when viewed on a mobile device. Upload by clicking the button "Upload Screenshots" and selecting the files from your disk (multiple file upload is possible).

  • 5. Add controls to bring your demo to life

    Hotspot - add interaction between your screenshots (slide up/down, fade).

    Textbox, Callout and Link - add annotations, explanations, auto-typing and links.

    Timer - simulate loading effects or show a screen for a limited time (e.g. splash screen).

    Scrollable Area - create horizontal or vertical scrollable areas.

    Arrow - add customizable arrows.

    iFrame - embed webpages in your demo.

    Image - add small images on

    top of the screenshots. Video - embed a YouTube

    video in your demo.

    Text to speech - let your demo speak for itself.

  • 6. Share it with the world!

    Now you've got an online interactive demo which uses state of the art HTML5 technology. You can run it in any modern web browser, on your desktop PC or Mac and on mobile devices. You can embed it into your own website like a YouTube video.

  • Go PRO for more!

    There's lot of other valuable stuff you can do with your demo: Analytics: get valuable insights into how

    people interact with your demo; Feedback & lead capture: get feedback and

    capture leads with your demo; Download offline: download your demo as

    HTML or ZIP and host it on your web site or send it to people privately per email.


    T: +40 768 356 847 @AppDemoStore

    Thank you!