Four Educational Apps for kids

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Rhyming is a creative way to play with language. Bud's Rhyming Words is a fantastic game developed for preschool kids. Kids will get familiar with rhyming words through this game and how to identify them. Iphone app link: Developer's website:


  • 1. Four Educational Apps for Kids
  • 2. Buds Rhyming Words is a fantastic app to teach little kids about alphabets and rhyming words. The app is consist of three mini-games through kids can learn a lot about a certain language. (Available in many languages) The app is available on both App store and play store.
  • 3. 10 Monkeys Multiplication Monkeys and Mathematics are finally together! Monkeys got trapped in jungle and you need to use your mathematics skills to free them. The application is available at App Store only.
  • 4. Cursive Writing Wizard is a learning app that make your children write letters and numbers perfectly. Children will trace the given words and learn about how to create them. Parents can add new words in the app that they would like to teach their kids. The app is available at Apple Store only.
  • 5. Phonics Fun is all about A.E.I.O.U! Children can learn short vowel words and long vowel words through this educational app. There are also many activities like object identification, letter writing, etc. The app is available at App Store only.