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  • 1. The app for music shows Fanear is the app that will help you become the number one fan. Track, rate, earn fan points and be recognized by your favorite artists! Fanear is the missing link between ticketing companies and social networks. Are you a music industry professional? Check our analytics and loyalty tools.

2. Find the perfect show for you See whats going on in your city. Track artists and get our recommendations. Let Fanear do the magic! 3. Everything you need to know Venue? Address? Directions? Lineup? Schedule? All the information is here, one tap away! 4. Check-in and shout it to the world! Tell us who are you coming to see to discover new possibilities. This is the beginning of your career as a true fan! 5. Review the shows and help artists improve Once youre checked-in, youll be able to rate the show and send direct feedback. This information is delivered to artists and other music industry professionals, in order to drive continous improvement in your experience as attendee. 6. Be recognized and rewarded Every tap counts! Through your interactions in the app, Fanear will give you fan points. Artists will be able to reach and reward the best fans! If youre a music industry professional, ask for our analytics and loyalty tools. 7. Automagic check-in Connect your Fanear account with your ticketing accounts. When you show your ticket at the show, youll be automatically checked-in! Through a notification in your phone, youll be able to see detailed information about the event, review the shows and more! Fanear can also include ticketing links in its events. Want to integrate your ticketing system? Reach us.