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An outline sketch of mobile deep linking


  • 1. Mobile Deep LinkingRamu K CMobility Architect @ ImagineaeCard:

2. Agenda Context Introduction Benefits Deep linking for installed apps Deep linking for apps to be installed Conclusion Resources 3. Context 4. Broken user experienceisBusiness opportunity lost 5. Deep linkingis the answer for fixing this broken link and bad userexperience 6. Introduction 7. What is Mobile DeepLinking Deep linking is a way to open specific location withina mobile app, rather than simply launching the app It consists of using a uniform resource identifier (URI)that links to a specific location within a mobile app(i.e. exampleApp://location/123456) There is no current standard yet for mobile deep links. Different sets of links are required to access the sameapp on a different mobile operating system 8. What Deep Linking allowsApp2App Ad2AppSocial2AppWeb2AppEmail2AppSMS2AppQR2AppYour appStockApp : CLGC 10%,wanna buy? 9. Benefits 10. Improved user experience Increased user engagement Enhanced app discoverability Drive user re-engagement Increase the revenue Effective marketing campaigns 11. How Deep Linking works Installed apps Apps to be installed 12. Deep linking for installed apps 13. Before Deep Linking 14. With Google App Indexing 15. Deep Link your AppAndroidManifest.xmlsource: 16. Enable Google App Crawler 17. Update Sitemapexample://gizmos 18. Update Web pages 19. Another Deep Linking 20. Deep Link your AppAndroidManifest.xml