Best privacy control apps for android

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  1. 1. Best Privacy Control Apps for Android By:
  2. 2. If you are using a standard android device and does not have privacy apps on your mobile then it is not fair. So you must pick some best apps from the play store and try it once to have a control on the privacy settings. . There are many apps in the play store that support these kind of features.
  3. 3. Besides these android comes with the latest updates such as which keeps the users interested to Download subway surfers for PC and gives a chance to try new things. There are many changes all around in android applications since the release. With regular updates of the android versions and applications it has become the most used OS for the mobiles and tablets.
  4. 4. Even it is stepping into PC now by bluestacks and youwave in the market. Well I know that we are moving little bit off track but now let us see top most privacy control apps for android that seeks you permission before you make accessible.
  5. 5. Fake Permissions: This app is little bit a prank type and supports only for the android versions of 4.3 and above. It breaks you the permission apps to see the privacy of the unwanted apps. With this you can easily uninstall the unwanted apps in your device to free up the space and speed up the device.
  6. 6. App Ops Starter This is the perfect app that enables you all the privacy permission hidden in the vault. This makes it easy for you Click here to get more access on your mobile phone. Its interface is very simple and it is easy to handle too. Most important thing about this app is it takes very lesser space to install.
  7. 7. Permission Manager: Yet another app specially designed for privacy control. Here you can set the features as per your desire. You can set notifications for limited apps or you can set your mobile phone silent for just two hours.
  8. 8. These are just an examples where you can access your mobile phone on your fingers. But all these managers support only for the higher android versions and that is the drawback for all the app. So this is the best chance to change your privacy control setting in your android device very efficiently. So try these apps now on your android devices if it is updated with android 4.3 or more.
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