Why you need to add Automation to your Marketing Mix

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>latest.passle.netv1</p> <p>Paul Sullivan CEO at Modedaweb</p> <p>David KirkStrategic Alliances and Sales Director at Passle</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat is marketing automation?Paul to complete</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhy is marketing automation important to modern marketers?</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat are the main challenges facing businesses that want to adopt marketing automation?</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat sectors is marketing automation relevant too?</p> <p>latest.passle.netMarketers typically have a hard time proving ROI. How does Marketing Automation help overcome this challenge? </p> <p>latest.passle.netHow can marketers overcome budget holder concerns about investing in marketing automation platforms?</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhich teams should be involved in implementation and who should lead? </p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat are the most important processes to have in place before businesses implement marketing? Data quality?Sales/Marketing teams working together.</p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat type of user data is most vaulable for marketing automation? Are there steps to standardize </p> <p>latest.passle.netWhat is the best success you have experienced? Logo of client or website example here/</p> <p>latest.passle.net</p> <p>The Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content PyramidHeroHubHygieneHeroLarge-scale projects: PR event, white papers or big research pieces.HubRegular, timely and expert-led content.HygieneAlways available content. Website and product specification brochures.</p> <p>latest.passle.netThank you!</p> <p>latest.passle.net</p>


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