Webinar: Maximizing the ROI of Your Sponsored Updates Campaigns

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Certified Marketing Partners

Webinar: Maximizing the ROI of Your Sponsored Updates Campaigns


Selin TylerSr. Product Marketing ManagerKellie SakeyDirector of StrategyTodays Speakers

AgendaOverview of Sponsored Updates Partner Program

Unified: Best Practices for Paid, Owned, and Earned


Before We Get StartedQuestions?WebEx: Send them in via Q&A feature.Twitter: Tweet them via #LinkedInContent.

Recorded?You bet. Distributed afterwards.

Feedback?Survey will be available at the end of webinar.

4Overview of LinkedIns Certified Marketing Partner Program

LinkedIns Rise as a Leading Content Marketing Platform

Content Engagement is 7X higher vs. Jobs

Growth of Pulse, Influencers, Long Form Publishing, Slideshare

Newsfeed has become the content epicenter

As you may have experienced over the past few years, LinkedIn has changed significantly. Engagement with the platform is at all time highs and people are coming back regularly.

One big reason for this is Content.

LinkedIns Mission is to help professionals be more productive and successful.

It is content that helps members get more effective at the job they have or gain new expertise for the job they want. We see that content is now receiving more than 7X more engagement than jobs.

Weve seen efforts such as Pulse, Slideshare, and Our Long Form Publishing, both from Influencers and now all members help transform LinkedIn into the definitive professional publishing platform.

The site has evolved over the years to help this trend, with the Newsfeed becoming the central hub for users to receive content across devices.

6Content has created an opportunity for Marketers. Sponsored UpdatesFastest growing LinkedIn product ever.

Native within the LinkedIn newsfeed across all devices.

Only advertising product that allows you to reach mobile users, now more than 50% of traffic.

PPC auction based pricing helps marketers manage their bids and achieve ROI.

With this trend to content and the increasing newsfeedification of social media platforms, the launch of Sponsored Updates for brands came at the perfect time.

Sponsored Updates as you are probably already familiar with, is native advertising that provides the ability for a marketer to reach a desired audience with their content directly in the newsfeed.

Because it sits in the newsfeed, it allows advertisers to reach professionals wherever they choose to access Linkedin from the office, on the go, or on the couch at home. We see that engagement is actually higher on mobile, with 75% of engagement coming from Mobile devices.

On top of this, marketers appreciate the familiar and accountable PPC bidding system that puts them in control of their advertising spend and performance.

7With these results the competition has grown

The success of Sponsored Updates has been tremendous for our customers and for LinkedIn

Going into 2015, brands have a lot more competition in the auction and in the feed than ever. Really becoming an expert and optimizing your efforts to get the best bang for your buck is becoming more and more important.8Content surging with help from new products

Showcase PagesDirect Sponsored Content

A couple reasons for this uptick in activity are some new features we released in the past year for marketers

Showcase Pages finally unlocked the opportunity for subsidiaries or standalone campaigns to have their own dedicated content marketing presence while maintaining a link to the parent company page. These pages have the ability to send both organic and paid updates from.

We also released Direct Sponsored Content also known as dark posts for those who use other social networks. These allow brands to send a message directly to their target audiences newsfeed without it showing up on their company page. Moreover it helps brands get a lot better results through advanced usage like A/B testing and increased optimization opportunities.9So What can you do to get ahead of the curve?

So the opportunity for marketers to reach their audience has never been better with SU but doing it right can take a lot of effort or expertise

Customers turned to us for additional resources to help them meet their objectives and tap into the LinkedIn platform 10Helping Sponsored Updates Clients Every Step of The Way LinkedIn Certified Marketing PartnersCREATEPUBLISHPROMOTEPublisher, syndicated, and custom content from vetted sourcesTools and services to improve effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns across social channelsTools for posting organic content across social channels

And so last year we launched the Certified Marketing Partner Program in April

The partner program consists of many types of partners but the ones specifically geared to help SU advertisers are Content Company Pages and Sponsored Updates.

In short, Content partners help partners create useful, valuable content.

Company Page partners help promote that content organically to the company page.

And Sponsored Updates partners help that published (and unpublished) content get out to the right people while delivering the best results from a performance standpoint.


SPONSORED UPDATESIncreasing intersection of partner offeringsThe Line Up of Certified Marketing Partners


Here you can see the various types of partners we support

As youll note, some partners fall into mutliple categories based on the fnuctionality they offer12Sponsored Updates Partners

So as you know the focus for today is SU Partners as most of you are SU advertisers

In a nut shell, Sponsored Updates partners help clients and agencies buy and manage their paid social media campaigns across all social channels. They build technology on top of LinkedIns platform that provides superior functionality and they sometimes offer services to help manage campaigns. Both help customers get the best results from their LinkedIn campaigns.13How Sponsored Updates API Partners work:SocialAd APIPartnersPlatforms

Social Ad API Partners build advanced technology on top of Social Network Ad APIs.

They provide software tools and services to brands/agencies.

Functionality includes enhanced campaign creation, management, optimization, and insights.Brands


How it works in practice

Starting at the top

Brands decide that they want to develop a paid media strategy for LinkedInThey may also work with or through an agency to manage their paid media effortsThe Sponsored Updates API partner works with them by providing a technology for license or a service to help with strategy and execution through managing campaignsAnd these Sponsored Updates API partners plug in to the various social platforms with their technology, which often has robust additional functionality over native solutions

In other words think of it as a cross network campaign management platform with other bells and whistles to make your job easier14Partners build robust features using the LinkedIn Ads APIPartners Technology vs. LinkedIn NativeLinkedIn native campaign platformPartner capabilitiesReal-time performance alerts and triggersBulk edits to campaignsScheduling, day-partingMultivariate testingManage social spend across channelsAssisted service across social channels Advanced reporting dashboard for self-serveAssisted service on LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

To show you what partners offer vs. what is available through LinkedIn natively, this slide outlines a side by side on some key functionality that partners can offer

Some examples include: bulk editing to multiple campaigns or ads to save you considerable time, day parting that can schedule campaigns to go on or off based on different triggers to reduce the need for you to spend your valuable time going in there, and some partners even offer conversion tracking, to help B2B marketers measure the efficacy of their lead gen efforts


Partner Performance 3X higher vs. Benchmark

LinkedIn AssistedSelf ServePartner(Self-Service)Partner(Managed)Dec. 2014 Jan. 2015 Median CTR By Service Tier (%)Source: LinkedIn Internal Data

What this all translates to is that partner campaigns perform significantly higher than other service models

Weve seen partners performance by up to 3x higher vs. non-partner service models such as self service (online and field) and our internally offered managed service known as Assisted Service.

The reason for this has to do both with the advanced functionality that partners offer, but as well as the expertise they bring to the table on how best to optimize your campaigns

Another trend that we are seeing is that these numbers are improving rapidly QoQ, so partners are refining their technology and gaining more and more expertise16BeforeAfter0.27% CTR0 DSC 0.63% CTRALL DSCConversion TrackingAutomated 50% of Manual Work0.59% CTR$4.50 CPC

2.52% CTR$2.66 CPCExpertise and support from a certified partner 2X+ CTR3X More Leads5X Time Saved4.2X Higher CTR1.5X Lower CPCsClient Example: B2B Tech Start Up Lead Gen AdvertiserSelf-Serve Partner ToolClient Example:Enterprise Mobile CompanyManaged Service Partner

Here are some quick case studies to highlight the benefits. We looked at some of our always-on advertisers to understand the performance of campaigns before a partner and after to illustrate the impact.

The first is a growing tech start up. They used one of our certified partners who offer a self-serve power tool for social and search.

They are a small team with a huge responsibility to generate demand for a fast