[WEBINAR] How Digital Marketers Engage on Social Media

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PowerPoint PresentationHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaTodays PresentersKarri CarlsonVP Social Insights@LeadtailCarter HostelleyFounder & CEO@LeadtailSonya BalzerDirector of Marketing@PunchTab#SocInsightsAbout PunchTabPunchTab is the leading engagement and insights platform enabling brands to create dynamic experiences that engage consumers across any touch point, track and understand user behavior, and optimize for more effective marketing initiatives and communicationsGet insights at www.punchtab.com/resources Sign up for a demo at www.punchtab.comAbout LeadtailDevelop Social Media Strategies and InsightsHow We Generated These Social InsightsTwitter as proxy for social media activityTwitter activity of 515 North American digital marketers Includes brand, corporate, and agency marketersAnalyzed 122,027 tweets and 57,009 linksTotal follower reach: 3,709,783Median number of followers: 1,160Tweets published: Feb 1 to April 30, 2014 How Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaHow Do Digital Marketers Describe Themselves on Social Media?How Do They Describe ThemselvesHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaBased on keyword frequency in Twitter bios.Actionable InsightsDigital marketers use Twitter profiles to describe who they are both professionally and personallyRecommendation: Consider social bio keywords when developing buyer personas, marketing copy, and social selling approach#SocInsightsWhich Apps and Platforms Drive Social Sharing for Digital Marketers?Which Apps and Platforms Drive Twitter Sharing?% of Digital Marketers that published at least 1 tweet from this platform during the report period.DesktopMobileHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social Media10Actionable InsightsEven though many apps and tools for sharing, native Twitter apps play a significant role in how digital marketers share contentConsumption, sharing, and production of content are moving towards mobileRecommendation: Consider how your content will be consumed and shared; leverage Twitters native tools and test sharing from popular mobile apps#SocInsightsWhat Conversations do Digital Marketers Engage In?Article Title Keywords Reveal Topics of InterestHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaBased on keyword frequency in shared URL titles.Hashtags Reveal Insights about Topics and EventsHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaBased on unique # of digital marketers using a given hashtag in the report period.Top Hashtags Used by Digital Marketers in AugustAugust 20141. #Marketing11. #Leadership2. #SocialMedia12. #FF3. #IceBucketChallenge13. #B2B4. #Ferguson14. #SEO5. #ContentMarketing15. #Social6. #TBT16. #Content7. #Mobile17. #RIPRobinWilliams8. #Facebook18. #Digital9. #ALSIceBucketChallenge19. #Emmys10. #RobinWilliams20. #TwitterHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaBased on unique # of digital marketers using a given hashtag in August 2014.Actionable InsightsPopular hashtags and title keywords reveal which topics and events are capturing the attention of digital marketersThe most popular hashtags tend to be consistent over time but new hashtags emerge reflecting trends, events, and breaking newsRecommendation: Consider hashtags when developing content marketing, investing in events, and targeting topics for engagement#SocInsightsWhich Content Sources do Digital Marketers Engage in Most?Shared Content SourcesIndustry media plays a critical role in shaping conversations w/ peers and clients; driven by submissions from thought leadersMainstream media reflect broader trends and topics in business, marketing, and techSocial media platforms are used to share both job-related and personal interest contentHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaPercentages based on share of Top 100 Most Shared Domains by Digital MarketersMost Shared Mainstream Media SourcesEntrepreneurSlateWSJ BlogsWashington PostFast Company Co.DesignThe GuardianUSA TodayNPRMediumCNNCNETCNN MoneyThe AtlanticQuartzFast Company Co.CreateFollowing are the Top 25 Mainstream Media Content Sources shared by digital marketers during the report period, based on the number of unique marketers that shared each source.New York TimesForbesHuffington PostFast CompanyInc.BuzzFeedThe Wall Street JournalHBR BlogsWIREDTimeHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaMost Shared Industry Media SourcesBusiness2CommunityThe Business JournalsDigidayHubspot BlogBuffer BlogMarketing LandSocial Media TodaySocial Media ExaminerGigaomSearch Engine LandEconsultancyClickZMarketingProfsConvince & Convert(Tie) Moz, eMarketerFollowing are the Top 25 Industry Media Content Sources shared by digital marketers during the report period, based on the number of unique marketers that shared each source.MashableAd AgeTechCrunchBusiness InsiderAdweekVentureBeatThe Next WebThe VergeMediaPostRe/codeHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaActionable InsightsDigital marketers read, tweet, share both industry and mainstream media contentPopular industry media are often driven by thought-leader bylines, guest post, and shared researchRecommendation: Consider both industry and mainstream publications for online advertising and PR placements; and make bylines and guest posts key part of awareness and engagement strategies#SocInsightsWho Most Influences Digital Marketers?Who Digital Marketers Retweet the MostYes, getting retweets is easier if youre a 70s TV star, late night talk show host, or leader of the free worldBut we also reward great content with by amplifying it with retweets.Great content can mean different things to different people.The common factor is: my network will find this valuable.How Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaWho Digital Marketers Retweet the Most* Based on unique # of digital marketers in the sample that retweeted the person. Ties broken using Klout score followed by # of followers.@MJohnsonLoyalty @rwang0 @2morrowknight @richardbranson @brainpicker @markwschaefer @AmberCadabra @jeffbullas @GlenGilmore @MariSmith @ShellyKramer @BrennerMichael @BarackObama @rainnwilson @neiltyson @anildash @AntDeRosa @AnnTran_ @BruceVH @nickbilton @petershankman @MarkRaganCEO @danprimack @iSocial_Fanz @MackCollier @badbanana @TedRubin @CHRISVOSS @GerryMoran @bmorrissey @heidicohen @LollyDaskal @StephenAtHome @MagicJohnson @GeorgeTakei @ariannahuff @pmarca @elonmusk @kimgarst @garyvee @jaybaer@ValaAfshar@chrisbrogan@jowyang@leeodden@GuyKawasaki@briansolis@MarketingProfs@dannysullivan@darrenrovellHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaActionable InsightsKey influencers build their brand by leveraging content: speaking engagements, books, their own blogs, bylines and/or senior positions: CMO, SVP, VP, etc. at leading vendors Recommendation: Follow these influencers, share their content, build relationships with them while you building your own brand as a digital marketer#SocInsightsKey Webinar Takeaways?Consider popular keywords, hashtags, and topics when developing strategy to reach, engage, and influence digital marketersMake it easy and encourage sharing with popular tools like the Tweet button and apps such as BufferTarget the right media sources to drive your online advertising, PR, and byline strategiesInvest in a robust content marketing strategy that includes creating and publishing thought leadership and researchFollow and engage top influencers while you develop your approach for becoming one, too!5 Key TakeawaysHow Digital Marketers Engage on Social MediaThanks!Want to get a copy of the Digital Marketer report?http://leadtail.com/reports/Need help developing customer insights to reach and engage your target buyers? www.punchtab.com/demo