Webinar: Dell's Secret to Successful Sponsored Updates

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Selin Tyler (@selingt)Senior Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Adam Price Social Media Program Manager, Dell

Webinar: Dells Secret to Successful Sponsored UpdatesHello everyone thank you for joining us. I am so excited to kick off our live chat with Dells Adam Price. Dell has been one of our most active and successful sponsored updates customers. Adam is a social media program manager at Dell. I am looking forward to our chat with Adam about how they think about content marketing at DellAt the end, we will have some time to also go through most successful sponsored updates in Q1, and what are trending topics in tech industry. Questions? Send them via Webex Q&A FeaturesRecorded? Of course!Before we get started

Shout outs? Tweet them via #LinkedInContentFeedback? Survey will be available at the end of the Webinar 2IntroductionsMost Engaging Sponsored Updates of 2015Agenda

Q&A Session with Adam PriceQ&ATop Trending Topics on LinkedInMy name is Selin I work in Product marketing focusing on Sponsored Updates. Our guest Adam is a Social Media Program Manager at Dell and has been working with sponsored updates for quite some time now34Q&A Session with Adam PriceWhat are your marketing objectives?How does Sponsored Updates fit into your marketing objectives?How do you choose what content to sponsor on LinkedIn?How do you choose your target audience on LinkedIn?What does your content marketing team look like?Can you share some of Dells Content Marketing best practices with our audience?What is the next big marketing objective are you tackling at Dell?lets dive right in. Adam, thank you so much for joining us today. We are very excited to have you. Lets start with our first question4Top Sponsored UpdatesQ1 2015Next, we will walk you guys through some of the most successful sponsored updates overall and in tech industry that were published last quarter5Top sponsored updates for North America were targeted to US/Canada, served at least 25,000 impressions, and are ranked by engagement rate. Engagement rate includes clicks + social actions.Methodology6We will be focusing on content that was targeted to north america and look at content that had at least 25 thousand impressions and had the highest engagement rate (that includes clicks and social actions such as likes and shares)6Top Sponsored Updates from All Categories7Parts of a Sponsored Update8

I want to pause and give you a map of a sponsored update so that we are on the same page about terminology I will be usingI will refer to the top part as intro, The headline which is a conversation with yahoo ceo here is a title and the bulk of the text here, I will refer to as description8Top Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

A large compelling image draws attention in the news feed

Keeping up with industry trends is a top reason professionals seek content on LinkedIn


The first example we will review is from Hay Group. They are a management consulting firm focusing on organizational strategyLets look at what makes this content engaging first of all the large compelling image. I highly recommend taking advantage of large image upload functionality for updates. We see great engagement with large imagesAnd this update, has exclusive and unique content on industry trends industry trends are something that we always see great engagement with especially if they are unique to the company publishing them9Top Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Thought leadership

A compelling and concise headline and title

Relevancy: career advice is always a trending topic on LinkedIn


Next example is from Athena Health they are a cloud based healthcare technology solution for EHR / revenue management etc.Again, they picked a great topic career advice that is largely relevant and engaging on our platform: thought leadership pieces gets a lot of engagementThey also really make the content pop with a concise and compelling introduction and title There is a great click-tease also in the description it starts getting the reader hooked but does not reveal too much and cuts off with a dot dot dot

10Top Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Offers advice to make professionals more successful- right in line with LinkedIns mission

Eliminates the intro copy to maximize mobile clicks


American Express is yet another one of our Sponsored Updates marketers who gets it right time after time. They are usually on our top updates list every quarter! I would watch what they are doing. We are seeing a common theme here content that offers advice on how to be more successful gets high engagement thats what people come to linkedin to doOne thing to note here is how american express eliminates the intro keeping the intro short or eliminating it all together can really boost your clicks to your website but make sure your headline is really punchy and accurate if you are looking to eliminate the intro copy5 things types of lists also perform really well the reader knows that it is short and snackable content11Technology12Top Tech Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Relevancy: big data is a trending topic on LinkedIn. The post addresses this from a specific angle and targets a relevant audience

A clear title and clear call to action set expectations with prospective readers


Now lets dive into tech industry marketers: starting with Hortonworks. They are an open source hadoop development and distribution platformAnd I want to show here that topics that are really relevant to the target audience works very well you dont always have to write thought leadership content to engage members on linkedinBig data is a trending topic on linkedin bringing a unique perspective on a trendling topic works well for their target audienceTitle and description are super clear with a call to action that sets readers expectations: download the white paper now13Top Tech Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Addresses the hot topic of leadership skill

Engages readers with a question

Uses a compelling image to add context to the post


NetApp is a storage and data management companyStarting the introduction text with an engaging/thought provoking question such as are introverts too quiet to be effective leaders is a great way to grab the readers attentionA very recognizable myers briggs image clearly signals what the reader is about to learn we see that an image that conveys the gist of the article boosts the performance of the contentAnd again, leadership is a highly engaging topic on linkedinBased on my experience with many advertisers, I recommend, even if you are a lead gen marketer, think upper funnel content about industry trends, leadership that will create that brand awareness first. Boosting brand awareness will help you with your conversion metrics down the line14Top Tech Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Engages its audience in a trending topic

Mentions a well-known research brand to earn trust

Uses a large-format image to make the post visually engaging


Intel IT Center is also one of our most successful marketers quarter after quarter. I would highly encourage you to listen to the recording of the webinar we did with them back in december for more insightsFirst of all, internet of things is a popular topic in tech intel is capitalizing on this topicThe image again is attention grabbing but also matches the topic top of the hype cycleAnd calling out another well known research brand immediately builds credibilityThe intro calls out the value proposition right away - clear introductions stating what the reader will get themselves into by clicking boosts click through rate

15Top Tech Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

This post doesnt just aim to recruit, it uses a third party news source to strengthen the companys recruitment brand


This next one from Salesforce is a really interesting and unique one this content is not about recruiting but really using content to strengthen Salesforces recruitment brand. Its an interesting take on brandingAnd of course since career advancement is a big topic on linkedin, this performed very well

You will start to see some emerging trends that this update captures starting with an engaging question, keeping the description concise but not giving away too much to encourage the reader to click throughAnd also Using another reputable brand in the industry to establish brand credibility16Top Tech Updates- Q1 2015What makes it engaging?

Eliminating the intro copy allows the image and title to stand out and draw in quick engagement in a scrolling news feed

First-person language in the article adds a conversational tone

Addresses a key concern amongst the target audience


And last example in tech is from Smart Recruiters Again eliminating the introduction draws the attention to the title and it is a very engaging title short but to the point- stop hiring the disengagedThey are using first person language that adds to the conversational tone which ties to tapping into the conversations on Linkedin. Sparking a conversation is a great way to create engagement with your target audience17Examples from Dell18Next we will do a deep dive into successful examples from Dell18Decoding Dells SuccessWhy would my audience read this?Thought leadership content with a recognizable thought leader call out

Starts with a question to the target audience - grabs their attention

Hooks the reader by explaining whats in it for them

Calls out 4 ways makes it snack-able, highly engaging format


First one that I want to highlight is a thought