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  1. 1. Video Branding
  2. 2. Shorter video = contentsees much betterengagement than longervideo But even 30-second videossuffer from over 20 percentviewer drop-off by videosend thats why Twitterdecided to up the ante withVines 6-second limit.Vine 6 seconds long Looping Revining Coments Favorite Twitter-owned 40 Million Registered Users Average Age - TeensMore marketers likeGE are seeking outvoices that will lendinstant credibility totheir brandsandtheres no shortage ofvoices.
  3. 3. The Face of Brands: On VineZach King 2.1MChryslerRobby Ayala 3MHP, NicheBrittany Furlan 7.9 MOur belief is that thesecreators are not only theMarcus Johns 5.5 MChrysler, Jolly Rancher, HP Dating Apps, American Eaglefuture of digitaladvertising but also thenew wave of broadcastchannels.Jerome Jarre 7.8 M1st Popular Brand Vine - GE
  4. 4. Making Money On Vine$1,000 for re-Vining someone's video, or$8,000 through product placement,according to one viner.Posting an average of five originalvideos per week. If even just one of thosefive clips has a sponsor, that translates tomore than $400,000 a year.Other reports say that these vines canbe worth anywhere from $20,000 to$50,000Fandoms - MagconOur partners look to Niche tosupercharge their socialpresences. Alongside ourcreators, we help partners acquirenew users, develop audience,generate buzz and solicitengagement.
  5. 5. Fun Facts The domain belongs to Amazon. $500,000 price tag. experienced an enormous spike in traffic, and sales, thanksto the confusion. Every second, five Vines are tweeted. On April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, arecord-breaking 19,667 Vines were created. (As of Jan. 2014) A branded Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video. If every Vine user recorded just a single six-second video, there wouldbe over 2,334 hours of footage. This would be longer than looping theLord of the Rings trilogy 250 times.
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