Top 13 seo blogs you should visit often [infographic]

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<ul><li><p>Looking for a great blog you can turn to to learn all the tips and tricks youneed in order to start driving more targeted traffic to your website? </p><p>If so then why stop at just one blog?Why not check out 13 of them instead?</p><p>As often as SEO changes it's essential for you to stay in the loop regardinghow those changes affect your business.</p><p>With that in mind here are our favorite 13 blogs that we ourselves spend a lot ofWith that in mind here are our favorite 13 blogs that we ourselves spend a lot oftime reading. The sites are in no particular order so make sure to check</p><p>them all out while you have it in your mind to do so!</p><p>Happy reading and learning!</p><p>Top 13 SEO And MarketingBlogs You Need To Visit Often</p><p>Search Engine Land</p><p>SEMrush</p><p>Search Engine Journal</p><p>Hubspot</p><p>Rand Fishkin</p><p>Search Engine Guide</p><p>Your Ad Squad LLC</p><p>Your Ad Squad LLC</p><p>What you will learn: SEO, SEM,PPC and Content Marketing</p><p>They are easily the most popular SEOblog in the industry. They are veryquick to report on breaking news too.They also have a slew of articlescovering topics from several differentangles. If you're into SEO we suggestvisiting this site at least a few times avisiting this site at least a few times aday. They're that good.</p><p>First off their site audit tools are someof the best on the market. Their blog isupdated daily and full of useful advicethat you can put straight to work for you.</p><p>Their site is a great source for SEO newsand they post a lot more videos thanmost of the other blogs on our list. Wealso like that they use a large rotation ofguest post authors with a fleet ofdifferent opinions and voices.</p><p>They operate one of the easiest to readblogs in the industry. Plus they haveother sections of their blog that coversadditional marketing methods otherthan SEO.</p><p>Rand is the co-founder of Moz andanother juggernaut in the SEO industry.Hes founder and former CEO of Moz,co-author of a pair of books on SEO,and co-founder of He ofcourse is someone you should belistening to as often as possible.listening to as often as possible.</p><p>This is a great blog to familiarizeyourself with if you run a small business.They share great information that willhelp you get your phone ringing. You dolike your phone ringing more right?</p><p>Well, for starters, it's our blog. So there'sthat. But it's also chocked full of greatadvice you can use to start driving moretargeted traffic to your site. So comecheck us out!</p><p>They are very thorough with theircoverage of SEO news and one ofthe most popular SEO blogs on</p><p>the planet.</p><p>Their blog is wildly popular andgeared towards beginners and experts</p><p>alike. They offer some of the bestadvice, research, how-tos, and</p><p>insights to helping marketers increasetheir SEO and marketing skills.</p><p>Their blog is loaded with advice andinsights from actual content marketingexperts. Given how important greatcontent is to SEO and social mediamarketing these days this a blog youshould visit as often as possible.</p><p>Because it's Neil Patel's blog that's why.If you're unfamiliar with Neil this is theperfect chance to become acquainted. </p><p>He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg,Hello Bar and KISSmetrics and oneof the most trusted voices in SEO.</p><p>The purpose behind the Search EngineRoundtable is to report on the most</p><p>interesting threads taking place at theSEM (Search Engine Marketing) forums.It gives them a very grassroots feeling</p><p>to their posts.</p><p>Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean,an internationally-recognized</p><p>entrepreneur and SEO expert. His blogis a the training hub for digital marketingprofessionals with over 90,000 monthlyreaders and a popular email newsletter.To say he knows a thing or two aboutTo say he knows a thing or two abouthow to drive traffic to your site would</p><p>be a colossal understatement.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn: SEO,Marketing Presentations, PPC,Social Media Marketing</p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn: SEO,Local SEO, Small BusinessMarketing</p><p>What you will learn: SEO, LocalSEO, Infographic Marketing,Social Media Marketing</p><p>What you will learn: SEO</p><p>What you will learn:Content Marketing</p><p>What you will learn: SEO, SocialMedia Marketing, PPC</p><p>What you will learn:SEO News and Tactics</p><p>Moz</p><p>Search Engine Watch</p><p>Content Marketing Institute</p><p>Quicksprout</p><p>Search Engine Roundtable</p><p>Backlinko</p></li></ul>