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Understand that blogging is a long terms traffic, lead and money generation. Unless one understands this, one is only going to meet frustration. You dont succeed unless you simultaneously take action on promoting you posts on social media and other medias to attract traffic!


  • 1. Tips for Creating Compelling Content Blogging for Profit By Ram Gupta Blogging for Profit Content marketing is perhaps one of the most powerful long term strategies for driving free and highly targeted traffic to your post or your website. Marketers blog on a daily basis and en-cash their post. This said, if one feels that just posting a blog will bring them lot cash, they are living in a fools paradise. I have often met people in my meet-up group who cry about blogging that they are not
  • 2. generating leads. Well, you got to have the correct mind set to blog. Blogging does not give cash instantaneously. Have the right mind set One should not expect just a couple of blog posts to start generating leads and cash. Blogging is a long term strategy to earn money from the net. It takes time for your post to get indexed and ranked on Google. It takes time for your blog to start attracting eye balls, which will depend on the quality of your content, use of high ranking key words and the value that you offer to the reader in your blog.
  • 3. Strategy to Blog for profit One should remember that Blogging for Profit involves three steps, namely Blog Daily, Tell Others, and Get Money! Meaning that not only your blog should have a compelling content, but it needs to be promoted to attract eye balls or readers. You need to generate traffic to your post to succeed. This can be through social media or paid traffic. Once all this is in place, I guarantee, your blog posts will become a cash ATMs. It will generate leads and money day on day.
  • 4. Cris Record, a senior seven figure earner in the Industry and a member of Empower Network explains his 3 Cs Blogging strategy simply put it is Create maximum traffic, Create maximum leads, and Convert more sales. These and many more strategies are available in the Empower Networks archives. I have recently joined Empower Networks Viral Blogging Platform, a very powerful system for blogging
  • 5. for profit. If you are a serious internet entrepreneur, I strongly suggest you to join this program. It is an excellent platform to earn additional residual income and to get your blog ranked on search engines like Google. I dont think it is a mere coincidence that you are reading this post, there is a purpose to it! Thanks for stopping by, I will encourage you to leave a comment below on what you think about this post! October, 2012