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The perfect content strategy


Will Straw- Lessons from the Stronger In campaign

Will directed the biggest British political campaignin modern times, the cross-party Britain Stronger In Europe campaign. He will tell the story of how the campaign was constructed, from market segmentation, to delivering the strategy on message, in volume, over time.He will draw on the lessons formembership organisations. He has previously worked at The Institute for Public Policy Research and as a seniorpolicy officer at HMTreasury.

ContributorsGay Flashman- Learn from the best: how to make content work for your organisation

Gay is a former Managing Editor of Channel 4 News & Channel 5 News and an experienced media consultant.She is CEO of content marketing agency Formative Content,which develops multi-platform content for clients including The World Economic Forumand the Global Education & Skills Forum

ContributorsGraham Duffill

Graham is a former news editor of The Times and online editor of The Sunday-Times. In its 11 years Page Lizard has worked with clients including newspapers, magazines, membership organisations, corporates and the travel industry. Graham has independently consulted on the UK government website and the FT

AttendeesInstitute and Faculty of Actuaries Institution of Engineering and TechnologyThe Royal College of OphthalmologistsAgile Business ConsortiumFederation Against Software TheftCloud Industry ForumChartered Institute of LinguisticsRoyal College of General PractitionersChartered Institution of Highways & TransportationSwedish Chamber of Commerce

Royal College of Emergency MedicineFire Industry AssociationChartered Institute of Legal ExecutivesRoyal College of Obstetricians and GynaecologistsRoyal Aeronautical SocietyInstitute of DirectorsInstitute of Trade Mark AttorneysSociety of Experimental BiologyLondon Institute of Banking and Finance

Knowing your audience who are they?How do you reach them where are they?How do you talk to them what is the right content and how do you source it?

Workshop 1 Who are they?

Your audience will be made up of different communities.

Please list them and then fill-out a profile card for each type.

Example The Royal Society of EggsFellows who are academics who teach egg science (FRSE)

Members who produce eggs (MRSE)

Industry partners - supermarkets and retailers who distribute eggs (MRSE)

Students of egg science and those sitting qualifications as egg scientists (MSE)

School-children who study biology and might consider studying egg science

The public who buy eggs and the lobbying industry who fight for the importance of eggs

Workshop 1 Who are they?

Rate yourself out of 10 on how you think you are currently catering for each profile through the content you produce.

Make notes about any known strengths or weaknesses.

Workshop 2 Where are they?List all of the distribution channels you currently use to get your content out to your members.

Mark against it as a % how much effort or budget you estimate goes into each channel.

Royal Society of Eggs channels5015551555RSegg websiteEmail newsletterTwitter BlogsSunny Side Up our membership magazineEggtastic! our quarterly schools magazineEgg Industry briefing bulletins for industry partners

Not used:You Tube, VimeoPinterestSnapchatFacebook

Workshop 2 Where are they?Add to each profile card which of the channels listed are most relevant to that individual.

Score yourself out of 10 for relevance 10 being a direct hit, 1 being unlikely to reach them.

Where are they really?

Who am I ?


Profile A

Profile B

Profile C

Profile D

Who was who?

Profile A 55+

Profile B 6-15

Profile C 35-54

Profile D 16-34

Workshop 3 How do you talk to them?Make a list of all the content you are currently generating. From where is it sourced and how is it distributed?On your profile card list which content you are currently creating is most relevant to each member profile and score it on the 10-1 criteria for direct hit or tangential.

Royal Society of Eggs contentNews for the website from comms and marketing team

Events / upcoming info for website as above, plus events team

Email newsletters marketing and comms team

Twitter and Blog social media team

Sunny Side Up outsourced agency in conjunction with membership team

Eggtastic! as above

Egg Industry briefing bulletins Fellows, industry partners and our specialist groups ie Egg Standards Body, poultry welfare group

Workshop 3 How do you talk to them?Give your profile cards to your buddy/neighbour (provided they are not from the same organisation).

Take the role of the person in the profile and tell your buddy what content you would be most interested in.

They should makes notes on your profile card.

Have a free hand and be creative you are the customer so budget and resources are not your concern.

Looking back now did you have a content strategy?

To what extent was your content production and distribution based on:

Just doing what we have always done because thats the way its done

Working with the constraints of the systems and resources we have

Sending them the messages that we wanted to broadcast

The organisation doing what is most convenient for it

What do you have to change in order to:

Deliver the content I know my audience most wants to receive

Create content with their interest clearly in mind

Listen to them and pay acute attention as to what gets the best response

Inviting them to participate

Match delivery with the best response (ROI)

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