The Mash-Up Presentation of the Internship

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<ol><li> 1. THE MASH-UP PRESENTATION </li><li> 2. Presentation Skills Marketing Management by Kotler HBR Cases HBR Article </li><li> 3. MODULE 1 PRESENTATION SKILLS </li><li> 4. MISTAKES TO AVOID </li><li> 5. TOO MUCH OF INFORMATION </li><li> 6. NOT ENOUGH VISUALS </li><li> 7. VISUAL VOMIT </li><li> 8. CRAP QUALITY </li><li> 9. LACK OF PREPARATION </li><li> 10. HOW TO </li><li> 11. PRESENT DIFFERENTLY </li><li> 12. TELL THEM YOUR STORY </li><li> 13. PROPER DESIGN, COLOUR &amp; CONTRAST </li><li> 14. START FROM HERE. </li><li> 15. CONNECT WITH AUDIENCE </li><li> 16. Not to forget REHEARSE </li><li> 17. MODULE 2 MARKETING MANAGEMENT BY KOTLER </li><li> 18. OVERVIEW Defining Markets for the 21st century Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans </li><li> 19. IDENTIFYING VALUE Scanning the Marketing Environment,Forcasting Demand &amp; Conducting Market research Creating customer value and relationships Analysing consumer markets Analysing Business Markets </li><li> 20. CHOOSING VALUE Identifying market segments &amp; targets Competitive Dynamics Crafting the brand positioning Creating brand equity </li><li> 21. DESIGNING VALUE Setting Product Strategy Designing &amp; Managing Services Developing Pricing Strategies &amp; Programs </li><li> 22. DELIVERING VALUE Designing &amp; Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Managing Retailing,Wholesaling &amp; Logistics </li><li> 23. COMMUNICATING VALUE Designing &amp; Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Managing Mas Communications Managing Personal Communications </li><li> 24. SUSTAINING GROWTH &amp; VALUE Introducing New Market Offerings Tapping into Global Markets Managing a Holistic Organization for the Long Run </li><li> 25. MODULE 3 HBR Case Studies </li><li> 26. 1 </li><li> 27. ISSUES Majority of the population lives below the poverty line Buckingham has outdated market data to make decisions Buckingham has deep thinking background but little industry background </li><li> 28. CURRENT CONDITION The only other minor league sports team in Springfield is a hockey team, the falcons and they are contemplating leaving town due to low ticket sales </li><li> 29. FIRM RESEARCH Need new data:game attendance;ticket &amp; concession prices Questionaire Postcard:fans potential spending behaviour Poll Noeasters stakeholder to formulate Questions Fans asked to fill out postcards &amp; mail it,call a phone number to give results or fill put the form in the web </li><li> 30. BUYING A LEGEND 2 </li><li> 31. FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS Manufactured 350 pianos worldwide Increase in sale of grand &amp; vertical piano in traditional market Opening of new potentially large markets </li><li> 32. UNFAVOURABLE CONDITIONS Frequent change in ownership Global sales fall by 40% </li><li> 33. STEPS TO RESOLVE Manufacturing Marketing Used Piano Market Competitions </li><li> 34. MOUNTAIN MAN BREWING COMPANY -BRINGING THE BRAND TO LIGHT 3 </li><li> 35. MOUNTAIN MAN LAGER Dark beer Premium beer segment 520,000 barrels sold in 2005 Revenue of $50 million in 2005 Popular among Blue- collared </li><li> 36. ISSUES Sales declined by 2% in 2005 1st time in the history of the company Light Beer market started to increase Demographic Aging </li><li> 37. SHOULD LIGHT BEER BE INTRODUCED? </li><li> 38. BENEFITS Reach out to younger demographic Increase in lifetime customer value </li><li> 39. THREATS Canabalization of core brand Alienation of core customers Dilute brand equity </li><li> 40. MODULE 4 HBR Article </li><li> 41. BRANDING IN DIGITALAGE </li><li> 42. CONSUMER DECISION JOURNEY </li><li> 43. Todays Customers take much more iterative &amp; less reductive journey of 4 stages: ENJOY, ADVOCATE &amp; BOND CONSIDER BUY EVALUATE </li><li> 44. JOURNEY IN PRACTISE Instead of focusing on how to allocate spending across media, marketers should target stages in the decision jourey. ADVERTISEMENT ADVOCACY Marketers budgets are constructed to meet the needs of a strategy that is outdates. ONE WAY COMMUNICATION HUGE COST INVOLVED </li><li> 45. Example </li><li> 46. Example Kit-Kat and Oreo: Oreo has been part of a few brand interchanges on Twitter, but this one in March was initiated by Kit-Kat. The chocolate bar challenged the chocolate cookie to a game of tic-tac-toe with a specific fan's affections at stake. </li><li> 47. WHAT THEY DO </li><li> 48. WHAT THEY SEE Report Broken Links Inconsistent Brand Images </li><li> 49. WHAT THEY SAY </li><li> 50. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PLAN A large number of the internet population use the internet for just searching randomly. The next large internet population is more involved in research Online Videos &amp; Music Social Networking </li><li> 51. NEW ROLES OF MARKETING </li><li> 52. Created by Aburvaa Ramesh, SVCE , during an internship By Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow. </li></ol>