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The surface and multi-purpose cleaners category is valued at over £300m but the market faces challenges through the role of private label as well as promotional activity. In addition the category is relatively price-driven with little brand loyalty, partly driven by scepticism towards brand claims, which means brands need to work extra hard at shelf to attract buyers with every purchase. The Grocery Eye examined the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify perceptions towards purchasing food and drink, as well as non-food products. It assessed the surface and multi-purpose cleaners category to understand topics such as perceptions towards category innovation, product attributes, as well as drivers and barriers to purchase. Check out our infographic which provides a top level overview of some key research findings across the surface and multi-purpose cleaners category including: • Purchase motivators – from price and product features to fragrance and product type. • Drivers and barriers to purchase – what are the most important factors. • Future considerations – the features which will be important over the next 2 years. For a detailed overview of consumer perceptions across the surface and multi-purpose cleaners sector and The Grocery Eye please call or email Catherine Elms, Research Director on +44(0)1865 336 400 or

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  • 1. Surface & Multi-Purpose Cleaners innovation intelligence inspiration IMPORTANT FEATURES 73% Price Powerful cleaning 63% High quality 42% Powerful germ kill 51% Price is of highest current importance (as seen for other categories), but with powerful cleaning and powerful germ kill also scoring highly perceived effectiveness is a key criteria to maintain purchase. Environmental credentials feature more prominently compared to food, drink, and personal care categories. Key features consumers want to see The Grocery Eye study was conducted in November 2013 with 2,000 primary grocery shoppers, including 405 surface & multi-purpose cleaners category buyers. For further information please contact Catherine Elms, Research Director E: T: +44(0)1865 336 400 Data courtesy of SPA Future Thinking Future Importance While purchase can be swayed by the cleaning benefits offered, pricing factors are always a priority for shoppers, and this is particularly apparent for cleaning products. This is a relatively price-driven category with low brand loyalty, with some scepticism towards brand claims; brands need to work hard at shelf to attract buyers each time. SUPERMARKETS OWN SPRAY CLEANER Flash Popular cleaning products 38% 31% 30% 28% Mr Muscle Dettol Cif 22% Cif 22% Dettol 21% Cilit Bang 20% 16% High quality 50% Price 18% Powerful cleaning 20% Powerful germ kill Price, powerful cleaning, and powerful germ kill have gained importance over the last two years, while environmental considerations are also stated to have increased, more so than other categories. Looking forward, powerful germ kill edges ahead of powerful cleaning a subtle change pushing 'killing' ahead of 'cleaning' for increasing importance. 13% Environmental credentials/ impact of production PURCHASE MOTIVATORS Price shows itself to be the leading decision variable, with product features/claims secondary. Pack size and brand show similar levels of last place consideration, again reinforcing the importance of price within the category. Top things consumers are looking for when arriving at the cleaning products aisle Good value for money 32% 30% 29% Low price Its what I usually buy 28% Cleaning benefits 25% On offer/ promotion 18% Brand REASONS FOR PURCHASE Price is a dominant factor within the category, with attention also paid to the product features in terms of the cleaning power. Price 70% Product type 39% Product features 55% Brand 16% Pack size 6% Fragrance 12% 12% Recyclable/environmentally friendly packaging