The Basics Of App Store Optimisation

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A brief outline of what app store optimisation that I gave at in September 2014.

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2. whos this guy??From Glasgow (Im a Wegie)7 Years SEO (10 in digital)Agency & In-HouseFounded miratrix 2012Specialise in ASO & Search Marketing 3. what to expect todayBrief intro to ASOWhere to startWhat you need to look at 4. what is asoIts Search Engine Optimisation for the App StoresUse keyword targeting to increase your visibilityCater to the algorithm over time to increase and maintain visibility 5. a bit of data 6. a bit more data 7. the hows of asoKeyword Research and FocusTitleDescriptionsKeywordsVideos and Imagery (CRO)Reviews 8. do your homeworkCheck CompetitorsKeywordsRankingsReviewsKeyword ResearchAdwords DataGoogle TrendsSensorTower/Mobile Dev HQ 9. do your own thingDont copy your competitor directlyIts not guarantee that:You have the same goalsthat they are doing it correctly 10. dont spamSpam works!! It always has.for a short period of timePenalties will comeyouve been warned 11. dinae dae it 12. analyticsIn-appTrack what your users are doingMixpanel/Google Analytics/ Flurry/ and more!Out-of-app analyticsRanking trackingReview miningSet goals!App DLs arent the only targetQuality installsApp usageRead: Lean Analytics 13. test, test, test!!!Keep trying new thingsRankings can degrade over timeRefresh thingsTry targeting new areasScreen shots, logos, VideosFind what works for YOUR app 14. does your app suck? 15. because 16. any qs?