Ten Digital Marketing Quotes to Ponder

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These quotes are quotes from others that I've used in my recent book, FOUND: Connecting with Customers in the Digital Age (www.FoundTheBook.com). Quotes are from experts ranging from Chris Brogan and Tom Peters to Vincent Van Gogh and Peter Drucker.


  • 1. Ten Di g i t a lMarke t i n g Q u o t e s t oPonde r

2. The CELL PHONE has become the adults transitionalobject, replacing the toddlers TEDDY BEAR forcomfort and a sense of belonging!- Margaret Heffernan 3. We are drowning in INFORMATIONbut starved for KNOWLEDGE!- John Naisbitt 4. CONTENT is an important piece in all of our marketingeffortsExtending our messaging through content is agreat way for us to continue to CONVERT our customersfrom simply seeing a message to seeing our brand!- Walter Frye, American Express 5. Everyone likes to BUYbut no one likes to be SOLD!- Marketing Adage 6. If you try to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLEyoull end up being NOTHING TO NO ONE!- Marketing Adage 7. The aim of MARKETING is to know andUNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER so well theproduct or service fits him and sells itself!- Peter Drucker 8. My BLOG has been the BEST DAMN MARKETING TOOLIve ever had. And its FREE!- Tom Peters 9. ADVERTISING is the price you pay forUNREMARKABLE THINKING!- Jeff Bezos 10. 58% of survey respondents indicated thatwhen they encounter a COMMON PROBLEMthey turn to the INTERNET!- Pew Research Center 11. GREAT THINGS are done by a series ofSMALL THINGS brought together!- Vincent Van Gogh 12. FoundTheBook.com