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<p>TEMPUR</p> <p>TEMPUR (AU)Website Strategy</p> <p>Website Audit </p> <p>Findings &amp; Opportunities</p> <p>Critically low page speed for Mobile</p> <p>...and Desktop</p> <p>Content duplication</p> <p>Screen overlays</p> <p>Store locator omitted when site searching</p> <p>Social links in code </p> <p>but hidden from site visitors</p> <p>Some web properties secure (HTTPS), others not so much</p> <p>302 (temporary) redirect instead of 301 (permanent) redirect from http to https</p> <p>Text contentquite ordinary</p> <p>Video content with great brand exposurebut not enough SEO and linkworthiness</p> <p>Unlike this link magnet tool</p> <p>Seriously</p> <p>(Magnetic) linkworthy asset types:Product buying toolsInfographicsInteractive animationsHow-to guidesEvergreen content</p> <p>SEO summary</p> <p>SEO competitive landscape</p> <p>Top organic keywords</p> <p>Branded keywords</p> <p>Opportunities</p> <p>Non-branded keywords</p> <p>Informational keywords </p> <p>To target customers in the initial stages of buyers journey </p> <p>SEO keyword position distribution</p> <p>Backlinks review</p> <p>Referring domains (by backlinks)</p> <p>New backlinks added </p> <p>Backlinks lost</p> <p>Backlink type and distribution</p> <p>PPC overview </p> <p>Pay Per Click (PPC) Competitive landscape</p> <p>SEO vs Pay Per Click (PPC)</p> <p>Other channels reviewNo display advertising or remarketingEmail newsletters not set upActive Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pagesNo paid social ads across any social platform</p> <p>1st (Low hanging fruit)</p> <p>What gets measured gets improved- Peter Drucker</p> <p>1(a). Measure</p> <p>Site issues &amp; recommendations (Google Search Console)Site traffic &amp; E-commerce sales (Google Analytics) Ad performance (AdWords)Offline sales at retailers (Measurement Protocol, integrated with Analytics &amp; AdWords)User behavior through heatmaps (Crazy Egg)Email subscriptions (Mailchimp)Sales pipeline (Salesforce)Brand mentions/monitoring (Brands Eye)Social buzz (Sprout Social)</p> <p>Measure90% Site optimisation Site content creationFocus on high-priced productsCritical changes (overlays, hidden links etc.)Backlink reviewLink prospectingNewsletterGoogle Shopping</p> <p>Objectives</p> <p>Google Shopping</p> <p>Outcomes</p> <p>Measure performance/salesRisk avoidance (duplicate content, disavow bad backlinks) Optimising site in line with Google guidelinesIntegrate SEO, Ads, Emails &amp; SocialGet mattress and bed related non-branded Page 2-3 keywords on Page 1Build backlink foundationNew revenue stream in Google Shopping</p> <p>2nd (Review and Optimise)</p> <p>EvaluateContent for all stages in buyers journeyUnique, shareworthy &amp; linkworthy internal/external content creationSmall physical &amp; architectural improvementsLow impact site changes (302 redirect from http://retailers.tempur.com/au)Explore other channels: radio, podcast, TV, OOH</p> <p>Objectives</p> <p>E.g. Out-of-home advertising</p> <p>ImproviseEngage all potential customersRank for low-priced products &amp; informational keywordsBuild email list Execute highly-rewarding link building strategyPhysical site improvements to leverage SEOSupplement online marketing by increasing brand recall &amp; top-of-the-mind awarenessConsistent messaging, across all channels</p> <p>Outcomes</p> <p>(Consistent) Marketing message, across all channels</p> <p>For your best nights sleep</p> <p>3rd (Refine)</p> <p>Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to: a) increase product page &amp; store locator visits b) make it easier to buy from the siteReputation Management to a) replace negative with positive reviewsHTTPS moveAmping up viral content creation and marketing</p> <p>Objectives</p> <p>CRO</p> <p>Increase site traffic, and site/external sales Positively influence sales decisionsBoost trust &amp; rankings through HTTPS URLsRank for a broad spectrum of keywords, branded &amp; non-brandedFacilitate automatic organic backlinks</p> <p>Outcomes</p> <p>Revenue &amp; ForecastSEO Revenue for 12 months(simplified) =Avg. Monthly Visits*Conversation Rate*Avg. Order Value*12</p> <p>= 6200*365/12*0.5%*1000*12</p> <p>~ $11,315,000.00</p> <p>Tools usedSEMRushMajestic SEOScreaming FrogGoogle Page Speed Insights</p> <p>Referenceshttps://moz.com/blog/does-organic-ctr-impact-seo-rankings-new-datahttps://moz.com/community/q/semrush-com-traffic-cost-what-exactly-does-it-meanhttps://www.snooze.com.au http://purecomfort.com.au/ https://adexchanger.com/advertiser/casper-the-friendly-online-mattress-startup-experiments-early-with-new-platforms/http://www.demandjump.com/blog/critical-strategies-for-new-mattress-retailers-to-drive-huge-revenuehttps://medium.com/marketing-and-entrepreneurship/attention-search-marketers-all-keywords-are-branded-keywords-b758981c0414#.4d2keoema</p> <p>Thank you!</p>