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  • 11Confidential 2015

    2015 in quotes 2015 in quotes

    Confidential 2015

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    Big business should embrace a fearless transparency.

    Confidential 2015

    Josh Cohen, Founder & Chairman, Open Supporter Data Interference,Turbocharging Social Activism with Data Standards

  • 33Confidential 2015

    A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. Krystal Higgins, Sr UX Designer, Google,Designing Better Onboarding

    Confidential 2015

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    Confidential 2015

    If you stand still people can push you down, but if you keep walking theyhaveto follow you.

    Princess Reema, CEO Alpha International,Princess Reema's Mission to Empower Saudi Women

    Confidential 2015

  • 55Confidential 2015

    Make great products, invest in your customer,

    stand for something that matters.

    if you do that right, your customers will build

    Loyalty for you.

    Confidential 2015

    Bayard Winthrop, American Giant,Direct to Consumer in a Post-Amazon World

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    I only got a Facebook account so I could use Spotify. Sydney Polinchock, Student &William Goodall, Student Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk

    Confidential 2015

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    Using the word healthcare is like using

    the word Africa its so diverse.

    One cant generalize to that extent.

    Malcolm Gladwell, Staff Writer, The New Yorker,A Conversation Between Bill Gurley and

    Malcolm Gladwell

  • 88Confidential 2015

    Quantum computing, at its heart, relies on this unpredictability to break new ground, this will open up new doors in the perception of AI. Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, The Museum of Modern Art,Curious Bridges: How Designers Grow the Future

    Confidential 2015

  • 99Confidential 2015

    The solution to every new problem in tech has always been 'more tech', but mobile was an inflection point that made design as important (if not more) than the tech.

    John Maeda, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Design in Tech Report

    Confidential 2015

  • 1010Confidential 2015

    The great paradox of the Internet is that with our social connectivity comes the brutal realization of how disconnected we are.

    Confidential 2015

    Krystine Batcho, Professor, Le Mayne College,#No filter: Pros and Cons of Constant Connection

  • 1111Confidential 2015

    Happiness is a $35,000,000,000 dollar industry.

    Confidential 2015

    Ofer Leidner, Co-founder and President, Happify,Money Cant Buy Happiness but Data Can Teach It

  • 1212Confidential 2015

    Attention is the new currency.

    Confidential 2015

    Jason Schlossberg, Chief Creative Officer, Kwittken + Company,The Case for Design Thinking in Communications

  • 1414Confidential 2015

    The big thing about small things is that they add up.

    Time OReilly, Founder/CEO, OReilly Media Service,

    Design in Healthcare and Insurance

    Confidential 2015

  • 1515Confidential 2015

    We are in a tech bubble and taking more risks than

    necessary- having constraints drives

    creative decision making. Silicon valley is operating

    in a context completely void of fear.

    Bill Gurley, VC, Benchmark,A Conversation Between Bill Gurley and Malcolm Gladwell

  • 1616Confidential 2015

    A box of a trillion souls, a repository for our whole society; wouldn't that be interesting? Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO, Wolfram Research,

    The Frontiers of Computational Thinking

    Confidential 2015

  • 1717Confidential 2015

    "You can sell it by making fun of it Brands have to relax way more than they have in the past.

    Bill Burr, Actor, Loner Productions,Owning Your Work: The Future of All Things Comedy

    Confidential 2015

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    Measure ideas you present to clients on whether they're likely to set off a chain reaction of ideas that lead somewhere interesting. An isolated, 'single use' idea is a waste of time. James Kirkham, Global Head of Social & Mobile, Arc Worldwide,Brands: Connective Tissue Between People and Tech

    Confidential 2015

  • 1919Confidential 2015

    Vision without execution is just hallucination. Walter Isaacson, CEO Aspen institute,How Innovation Happens

    Confidential 2015

  • 2020Confidential 2015

    Best results come from speed, thrift, anD simplicity.

    Confidential 2015

    Dan Ward, Author, Dan Ward Consulting LLC,Innovation Principles and Practices

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    To excel in todays market, we have to focus on addressing what stands in the way of the consumer: convenience and time.

    Confidential 2015

    Heidi Zak, Cofounder, ThirdLove, Disruptive Mobile Technologies in Fashion

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    "I don't believe a mistake-free learning Environment exists. Failures are cheap if you do them first. Failures are expensive if you do them at the end.

    Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots, Google [x], Moonshots and Reality

    Confidential 2015

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