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Meet Mason WartmanOwner of Rosas Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioWhat They Do$1 slices people can pay it forward to feed homeless people

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@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioIf I had to choose between your average link builder and an expert PR professional who knew how to approach and interact with media outlets and presented wellon camera, Id go for the public relations person any day of the week.

Everett Sizemore, Director of R&D and Special Projects at inflow & Moz Associate

@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioLinks are just natural by-products of good marketing and public relations!@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioAbout Me

Director of Marcom for new Israeli log analytics startup logz.ioFormer Boston journalist & newspaper editorFormer executive at global marketing, SEO, and PR agenciesBased out of Tel Aviv

@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioWere digital marketers, so lets do real marketing!@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioThe Publicity Process KPI identification Audience identification Media outlet research Messaging & positioning Pitch & press release creation Outreach and execution@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioLinkbuilding is actually just marketing, PR, and publicity by another name!@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioAnother Example

@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioAnother Example

@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioDo real marketing & PR and the best links will come themselves. Youll never have to worry about Penguin.@samueljscott | | @logzio |

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Click right for one more slide with links, references, and resources!@samueljscott | | @logzio | logz.ioMore ResourcesMy essays at Moz and elsewhere:

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