Start-ups Growth with Digital Marketing by Nitin Khanna

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Start-ups Growth with Digital Marketing by Nitin Khanna

The planned utilization of digital marketing to reach masses undoubtedly helps start-ups acquire more customers and climb sharply in the business. Two facts of utmost importance to be kept under consideration, while marketing a start-up are: Great products alone can never be enough to succeed. Marketing alone cannot make crap product a success.Start-ups need to build their brands identity to become fast paced in this competitive world. It is a well-known fact that start-ups have inadequate workforce and tight budgets to focus on marketing side. They are much more concerned about establishing the business at first by neglecting the marketing part. This approach of start-ups can be detrimental for their businesss health.

Digital marketing can help them drive leads, build brand awareness, endorse the company and promote online sales. Digital marketing is the organic way of promoting the business without incurring large amounts of money. It can do a lot with sharp and less targeting leading to less wastage.Reasons for start-up entrepreneurs to go with digital marketing Affordable and cost-effective To Increase their visibility To position company or business To boost customers engagement To create brands awareness To improve online conversions To track return on investment To build trust and credibility To increase leads To promote sales To influence customers purchasing decisions

Digital marketing servicesServices provided by digital marketing include all tools and strategies that are required to maximize marketing, awareness, conversions and sales. These are: SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO deals with increasing traffic from free, organic, natural or editorial search results on search engines. It helps in increasing brands online visibility and putting brand in front of the potential audience at right point and on right channel.

Content marketing: When a unique, creative and innovative content is combined with search engine optimization and best practices in social media, then it becomes a killer combination to attract and engage target audience. Top quality digital content convinces customers to take desired action as it is creatively tailored to solve their pain points. Social media marketing: It combines traditional marketing, social media and search marketing to promote the business. It enhances search engine ranking and direct website traffic. Gaining attention through Social media is the primary motive of social media marketing.

Email marketing: Adding email marketing to an integrated online marketing program can work well to deliver a customer-centric program.

Digital advertising: To reach beyond the existing networks and tap into highly targeted audience, online advertising can be relied upon.

Promotions and contests: A unique promotion or contest can revive the existing campaigns, as every digital marketing program requires boost at a certain point in its life cycle. Customer-tailored promotions can have high potential of increasing the conversion rates. Digital analytics: Specific detailed program reporting and analysis can determine the effectiveness of digital program. Providing full web store Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and web store traffic analysis report is also one of the services of digital marketing.It is difficult to imagine the success of a business without digital marketing today. Many start-up entrepreneurs failed badly because of their inability to reach their target market. Even the winning product may flop if not choosing the right marketing strategies. With regular monitoring of digital marketing program business can enjoy great revenues in quite a little time. So, it is an essential for a business!

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