Social Media Marketing For Business Growth

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  • Social Media Marketing For Business Growth

    Its no secret that social media can have a profound impact on your business. Which typeof social media best suits your business is, understandably, dependent on the type ofbusiness you run. Some industries can utilize all the web has to offer to its advantage,while other establishments might need to take a more concentrated approach. To help youfigure it out, we have compiled a list of the most popular and beneficial social mediatypes and what they can or cant do for you.

    Relationship NetworksAh, Facebook. The definitive social network. It lets you share photos of Little Jimmysthird birthday, debate Kennedy assassination conspiracies, and upload images of yourlunch. Fun stuff. But how does that help drive your business? Sharing and caring, thatshow. Lets start with the caring. ARelationship Network offers your business a chanceto connect with current and potential consumers on a personal level. You can use thismedium to ask for customer input and answer customer questions through text, images, orvideo. Reaching out, listening to, and responding to your clientele builds trust, and trustbrings business.

  • Media Sharing NetworksBack to sharing and caring. By reaching out to customers through a relationshipnetwork, you show you care. Now its time to share.Media Sharing Networks aredefined as such because images are the primary focus. While Facebook and Twitter, forexample, both have the means for video and image sharing, the majority of posts are text.The driving force behind network channels such as Flickr and Instagram is images.YouTube and Vimeo are prime examples of Media Sharing Networks that focus on video.Does your business need to establish a presence on a Media Sharing Network? Maybe.

    Online Review SitesMktg-YelpWord of mouth has always been the best promotional tool for any business.The current era of tablets and smartphones has multiplied the importance of this tool by abazillion*.

  • Location-Based Review Services are all the rage as users opt to consult the Internet forrecommendations based on other users reviews for goods and services. Yelp,Urbanspoon, and Uber are a few of the top dogs of online reviews. Reviews are anothergreat way to share and care by maintaining client relationships and addressing clientconcerns. These sites also allow you to keep a close eye on your online reputationmanagement.

    Discussion ForumsThe Discussion Forum is considered a precursors to todays social media. Long beforeFacebook and Twitter, users were able to discuss issues and ask for help via onlineforums. These Discussion Forums have morphed into popular sites such as reddit, Quora,and Digg. The option of complete anonymity on these forums might be a plus for someusers, but it totally defeats the purpose for a business to interact anonymously. If youhave decided that it is worth your businesss time and resources to interact via DiscussionForums, you need to go all in. Take part in as many discussions as possible. Share content,but avoid overt self-promotion. During a discussion add a link to your official blog or ahow-to-video.

    A Social Media Breakdown, social media can have a profound impact on your business.Keeping in mind that not all social media platforms are right for your particularmarketing plan, read on for information on a few more sites and networks businesses areusing to share content and insert their name and product into online communitydiscussion.

  • Social Publishing PlatformsSocial Media Breakdown Social Publishing Platforms allow users to share writtencontent with other users. In the simplest terms, they let you post your blogs. Some SocialPublishing Platforms like Twitter and Tumblr are real-time interaction networks,emphasis on interaction. Because of character restrictions, posts on these networks arecalled microblogs. Traditional blogging platforms for long-form written content likeWordPress and Blogger are also options.

    Whichever platform you choose, be it microblogging, traditional blogging, or hosting ablog on your business website, content marketing is essential. Done right, a blog willincrease awareness of your business thereby increasing brand name recognition.

    Bookmarking SitesSocial Media Breakdown The Internet. Everything you every wanted to know and thensome. Search engines like Google or Bing can help browsers if they know what they arelooking for, but what about all that other great stuff? Thats where Bookmarking Sites,like StumbleUpon and Pinterest, come into play. A Bookmarking Site is a web servicethat allows its users to compile content from other websites and save it to a personalaccount. What does this mean for your business?

  • To have a successful bookmarking strategy you should start by making your websitebookmark-friendly. Use images on your blog and/or website that are good representationsof your content. Create your own account and showcase your content while also sharingcontent from other sources on your relevant topics.

    Interest-Based NetworksInterest-Based Networks are dedicated to the study and enjoyment of a specific interest.Sites like Goodreads and would fall into this category. This type of site canprovide a convenient way to keep up with current trends within a particular industry.Whether an Interest-Based Network is advantageous for your business is really dependenton the type of business you run.

    E-commerceAn important emerging trend across all types of social media is E-commerce.E-commerce is the ability to view and purchase desired goods with a click of a button.There are several types of E-commerce platforms out there: A site like Etsy givesindividuals who dont have a brick-and-mortar locale a place to sell their wares, while asite like Polyvore aggregates products from different retailers and puts them in a singlemarketplace. Name-brand retailers, such as Reebok, also often use E-commerce sites inaddition to storefronts. The lesson here is to realize that an increasing number of buyersare researching and buying products and services online.

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