Social Media Marketing: Campaigns

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<ul><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Campaigns</p><p>One Millennials Perspective</p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Why? Millennials spent an average of 17.8 hours A DAY on </p><p>social media in 2016 Time online has increased for ALL AGE GROUPS, even in the </p><p>last decade This means a lot of potential advertising for businesses</p><p> Social Medias are always changing, but will probably be around for a while</p><p> Allows your business to prove its relevancy Allows businesses to establish more personal relationships </p><p>with consumers Can respond to questions, comments, and concerns in </p><p>real time</p><p></p><p>Pro tip: Always be on the lookout for new social </p><p>medias; you never know what will be helpful for our </p><p>company! </p></li><li><p></p><p>Social Media Marketing: Campaign StrategiesWhat is a Marketing Campaign?</p><p> Specific strategies and goals to effectively reach a target market and convince them to invest in a specific product </p><p>Steps of a Campaign:</p><p>1. Evaluate your target demographic2. Design your brands voice, message, and presentation3. Choose Social Media Platform for your company4. Use software to track consumers information intake and </p><p>responses to provide higher quality customer service5. Be Consistent!!!</p></li><li><p> Media Marketing: Target Market</p><p>What is your product and who do you want to buy it?</p><p>What qualities do your target market share?</p><p>Why is this specific group more likely to buy your product than any other group?</p><p>How and where is your target market getting information about you? </p><p>When will your target market buy your product? ALWAYS - The internet never sleeps!</p><p>Pro tip: Be willing to change your target market or your marketing strategy if it doesnt succeed the first time. Social Media is always changing, and so should you!</p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Choosing Your Platform1. Who are you trying to sell your product to?2. What social media platform does your </p><p>demographic use the most?3. Is your product easily accessible through </p><p>that platform?4. Can you track consumer data to distinguish </p><p>between potential customers and confirmed customers?</p><p>Pro tip: Be consistent across multiple platforms to reach more social media users!</p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Message, Presentation &amp; Voice Message: why people should buy your product</p><p> What makes it unique and significant to your audience? How do you want your company to sound?</p><p> Customer service versus promotions Presentation: how your message looks</p><p> Colors, fonts, pictures, graphics, animations Voice: how your companys values and goals are communicated </p><p>to consumers Tone, word choices, sentence structures</p><p>Pro tip: All 3 should work together to make your customers feel comfortable with the product and the company as a whole!</p><p>Message</p><p>Presentation</p><p>Voice</p><p>Brand</p><p>Campaign strategy</p><p>Target Market</p><p>Media Platform</p><p>People</p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Tracking and Analytics Analytics: Discovering, interpreting, and </p><p>communicating meaningful data How and when did your consumers find your </p><p>information? Did they interact with it at all?</p><p> Its okay to use other software that helps track these things:</p><p> Google Analytics Hootsuite</p><p>Pro tip: Using Social Media Analytic trackers can help enhance your customer response and retargeting time by allowing you to focus on content while the tracker focuses on how to help you maximize your qualified and content leads!</p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Be Consistent! Once you decide on a message, voice, and </p><p>presentation, offer the same experience on every social media platform you have!</p><p> No one wants to be uncertain about the product they are investing in!</p><p> Stick with your plan for your company! Even though it may need tweaking, often your initial </p><p>plan will serve you better in the long run than trying to constantly change it</p><p>Pro tip: Write down your goals for your brand to compare all new content to your ideals. </p></li><li><p>Social Media Marketing: Its Okay to Ask For Help!</p><p>Pro tip: Learn more skills through helpful companies! For more help with your social media marketing, visit GenM! </p><p></p><p> Dont forget that your company is made of lots of people for a reason </p><p> Ask them for help or advice if you feel stuck or insecure about how to make a campaign or to market your product for a specific platform! </p><p>https://genm.co</p></li></ul>