Social Media for Small & Medium Enterprise

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1. #SocialStartup 1 #SocialStartup Social Media Strategy for StartUps KaneAtron Ltd 2. Click to edit Master title style #SocialStartup 2 What do KaneAtron do? Web Design Email Marketing Branding & Graphics Copywriting Search EnginesSocial Media Video Marketing iPhone Applications 3. Click to edit Master title style #SocialStartup 3 Whats in store? What is social media? Why should I care? Who should I target? What can I share? When should I post? How do I tackle this? 4. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? #SocialStartup 4 5. Social Media: A Definition Social Media noun Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking #SocialStartup 5 6. Social Media Channels #SocialStartup 6 Over 1 billion active users Over 250 million active users Over half a billion active users Over 200 million active users Over 1 billion active users Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn YouTube 7. Why do people use Social Media? #SocialStartup 7 Most shared content on Social Media has a location factor With affordable smartphones, anyone is able to share photos and videos Feeds allow engagement with people and brands in real-time Relaxation & Time Killing Social games are wildly popular FOMO is a psychological catalyst for Social Media use Checking In Pictures / Videos Activity Feed Social Games Fear of missing out 8. #SocialStartup 8 WHY SHOULD I CARE? 9. #SocialStartup 9 NEWLY INTERNET CONNECTED PEOPLE BY 2020, 800 MILLION OF WHICH WILL USE SOCIAL MEDIA 2,000,000,000 10. CONSUMER TRUST #SocialStartup 10 OF CONSUMERS SAID THEY TRUST OPINIONS & REVIEWS FOUND ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER WHEN MAKING PURCHASING DECISIONS 92% *2013 11. #SocialStartup 11 Samsung spent $10 million on Facebook advertising and sold $129 million worth of smartphones as a result 12. #SocialStartup 12 $27,000 ON YELLOW PAGES, 0 NEW CLIENTS $75,000 $3,600 ON FACEBOOK & GOOGLE, 250 NEW CLIENTS *2011 13. WHO SHOULD I TARGET? #SocialStartup 13 14. GENDER RATIO #SocialStartup 14 PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL INTERNET USERS 62% 76% Females outweigh males on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Pinterest is the most popular mainstream network for females Reddit is the most popular mainstream network for males 15. AGE DEMOGRAPHICS #SocialStartup 15 44 years old LinkedIn has the oldest users 90% of Instagra m users are under the age of 35 40 years old Popularity with young declining 37 years old Average tweeters are under 40 16. CONSUMPTION BY LOCATION #SocialStartup 16 UK & Ireland SpainFrance Germany 1.3 Hours per day 1.7 Hours per day 1.5 Hours per day 1.9 Hours per day 17. WORLDWIDE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS #SocialStartup 17 203 Million 324 Million 431 Million358 Million 16 Million 1.23 Billion 18. #SocialStartup 18 Want to see the full presentation? Why not book us to train your people? Visit: Email: Phone: 01782 479477


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