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SEO Research and Content SMX Milan 2014 2Search Experience Op;miza;on. Audience. Design. Compliance. Its about intercep(ng the most produc;ve audiences and delivering experien(al content. @pastespecial @ideaevolver 3Anthony& SylvanHome Page1.0 Pools & Spas 2.0 Why A&S 3.0 Renovations 4.0 Pool Supplies 5.0 Get Educated1.1 Concrete PoolsLocationsAnthonySylvan.comRanking By Organic Interceptions - Content Audit April 16, 20141.2 Fiberglass PoolsF1 Sylvan Fence F2 Pro. Partnerships F3 Customer ServiceFooter Links1.3 Spas3.0 Renovation Gallery3.1 Special OffersPool Gallery4.1 Online Store4.2 Retail Stores4.3 Pool Products4.4 Pool Service5.1 Pool and Spa Options5.2 Pool Equipment and Products5.3 Pool Type Comparisons5.4 Top 100 Reasons To Own A Pool5.5 How To Select Your Pool Builder5.6 Eco-Friendly5.7 How To Select Equipment For Your Pool5.8 Pool FencingH1 Financing H2 iSwim H3 BlogHeader LinksH4 About UsRequest ConsultationCouponsConnecticutDelawareMarylandLas Vegas NevadaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTexasVirginiaWashington DC12345 678912131415 1) Pool Shapes a) Concrete Shapes b) Fiberglass Shapes2) Pool Finishes a) Concrete Finish b) Fiberglass Finish3) Salt vs. Chlorine4) Tile and Mosaics5) Coping6) Decking7) Water Features8) Custom Features9) Lighting1) Automatic Controls2) Cleaning Systems3) Pumps and Filters4) Sanitizer/Chlorinator5) Heaters6) Safety Covers1011F4 EmploymentF9 Legal InfoF6 Our WarrantyF7 Privacy Policy F8 FAQsF5 TestimonialsOther ContentPerformance Analysis Content is evaluated on search intercep;ons, engagement and conversions @pastespecial @ideaevolver 4Search Data Analysis Iden;fy in-demand content marke;ng opportuni;es and trends n bbq chips n salt and vinegar chips n sweet potato chips n sour cream chips n jalapeo chips n cough remedies n u remedies n fever remedies n cold remedies n remedies for kids n dosing n dosage n carbonated water n soda water n seltzer water n sparkling water @pastespecial @ideaevolver 5Loca;on Analysis oab Brazil shows most ac;vity overac(ve bladder United States shows most ac;vity Cri;cal for interna;onal and secondary language campaigns Emphasizes the importance of acronym op;miza;on @pastespecial @ideaevolver 6Device Analysis 64% of Chinese food searches are performed on mobile devices 27% of eBook searches are performed on tablets 89% of LinkedIn searches are performed on computers 43% 11% 46% mobile tablet laptop @pastespecial @ideaevolver 7Relevancy Analysis spas Intent for day spas outdoor spas Intent for at in-ground hot tubs /spas/ or /outdoor-spas/ to connect with homeowners @pastespecial @ideaevolver 8Relevancy Analysis Dosing verse Dosage. @pastespecial @ideaevolver dosing Intent for dosing pumps dosage Intent for ingesting medication 9Suggest ( Real Time ) Analysis @pastespecial @ideaevolver Search Engine Result Page Analysis 10n Webpages n Appsn Recipes n News n Images n Videos Align content strategy with search engine real estate @pastespecial @ideaevolver 11Live SERP Ac;va;on Example @pastespecial @ideaevolver 12Graveyard Cake Mummy Dogs Witch Finger Cookies Content Analysis and Idea Genera;on @pastespecial @ideaevolver 13Yogurt Search Experience @pastespecial @ideaevolver 14Migraine Pa;ent Search Experience @pastespecial @ideaevolver 15A Growing Opportunity n soda water n sparkling water n seltzer water n carbonated water n water benets n benets of water n water benets hair n Water benets skin n water benets weight loss n lime soda water n lemon soda water n lime sparkling water n lemon sparkling water 160.0 Home1.0 Waters 3.0 Benefits of Water2.0 Promotions 4.0 About2.1 Rewards 3.1 Hydration3.2 Weight Loss3.1.1 Hydration Quiz3.3 Skin and Hair4.1 Corporate Responsibility4.2 Contact Us1.1 Purified ( Bottled Water ) 1.2 Splash ( Flavored Water )1.3 Exotics ( Sparkling Water )1.4 Purification Process1.2.1 Strawberry Melon1.2.2 Acai Grape1.2.3 Mandarin Orange1.2.4 Lemon1.3.1 Mango Peach Pineapple1.3.2 Key Lime1.3.3 Strawberry Dragon Fruit1.3.4 Tangerine3.3 About Sparking Water3.4 Kids GuideSparkling Water Search Experience @pastespecial @ideaevolver Digital Asset Integra;on @pastespecial @ideaevolver Experien;al Content Wheres the Flavor? 18@pastespecial @ideaevolver Experien;al Content Design for Emo;on 19@pastespecial @ideaevolver Structured Data 20Enhance organic search lis;ngs and search engine understanding @pastespecial @ideaevolver 21Page ( Content ) Technical Compliance Pages need to be congured for search engine guidelines and speed @pastespecial @ideaevolver 22Aug 1, 2013 Nov 30, 2013 Compared to: Aug 1, 2012 Nov 30, 2012 n Before Implementa;on n Ajer Implementa;on Website sessions increased 67% Thanksgiving day sessions increased 62% Recipe Visits up 136% @pastespecial @ideaevolver 23Jan 1, 2013 Dec 31, 2013 Compared to: Jan 1, 2012 Dec 31, 2012 n Before Implementa;on n Ajer Implementa;on Product Page Visits up 170% Website sessions increased 71% Linking domains increased 190% #4 in Google for Greek yogurt @pastespecial @ideaevolver Bounce rate improved by 32.33% 24n Before Implementation n After Implementation @pastespecial @ideaevolver Jan 1, 2014 Aug 31, 2014 Compared to: Jan 1, 2013 Aug 31, 2013 Product Page Visits up 99% 25