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SEO on page optimization tips connected with title, meta description, header tags, content, anchor text etc. This slide is for helping SEO beginners and online marketing professional to improve their SEO on page optimization skills and information. This slide is prepared and published by SEO Zooms - Responsible SEO Professionals.


<ul><li> 1. SEO ON PAGE TIPS Give more importance to quality Know that your page is 1 among 60 Trillion pages </li> <li> 2. Why Quality is important in SEO Google indexes a website page in their search results from 60 trillion pages identified in internet &amp; the number is growing in very quickly </li> <li> 3. Make up the pages with clear identity Do on page SEO optimization in a helping manner to search engine bots to easily crawl and identify the pages quickly Avoid confusing situations </li> <li> 4. Consider perfection as a must in SEO on page Google is trying to improve its search experience to its users by perfectly understanding what the user exactly needs Google always try to serve its users as an intelligent expert </li> <li> 5. Arrange unique titles as first identity Google identify the pages by reading the keywords described in page titles Use descriptive titles with natural inclusion of keywords </li> <li> 6. Usage of Potential Keywords Finalize the keywords after conducting a deep keyword research Use keywords in title intelligently to make it more impressive to users Prepare unique meta description to convert more clicks </li> <li> 7. Carefully use title &amp; description complying basics natural practice Construct titles and descriptions with permissible number of characters Title &amp; description matters can be matching so it can avoid possible confusion to bots and users </li> <li> 8. Be very serious in optimizing header tags Header tags, mainly h1 &amp; h2 tags can be called as primary identification in the body portion of a page Arrange header tags in a natural and impressive manner to impress users </li> <li> 9. Certify the identity by perfect matches Arrange title, meta description, header tags, page contents in a matching way to avoid confusion to bots and users Google sort the pages by matching the keywords used in title, meta description, header tags, page contents, anchor texts </li> <li> 10. Keep 100% error free pages A spelling mistake, low quality content production, grammar errors etc. used in URLs, titles, descriptions, header tags, page contents, anchor texts can harm your website quality as a whole Page with content errors, spelling mistakes, duplication can disqualify your pages from search index because Google is always improving it. </li> </ul>


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