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  • Work Strategy For Fast SEO Results

    Steps I follow in Off Page SEO :

    1) Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

    Also known as Online Reputation Management, the first and foremost step to initiate your process by joining popular social networking sites say Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. And expand your business on social media sites by gaining organic users.

    2) Blogging

    Blogging is basically writing your own views about your brand/company using unique and copyright content. Afterwards, promote your blog by various activities that includes blog directories, blog search engines, blog commentson relevant as well as do-follow blogs. Be sure that it allow links in the comments to be crawable by search engines.

    3) Forum Postings

    Participation and discussion in forums help in building good relations and grabing user to your site. Always participate in do-follow forums that allow links in your signature and crawled by search engines.

    4) Search Engine Submission

    Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc., and get listed for free.

    5) Directory Submission

    It was rumoured that directory submission is dead , but it is not as it is still alive. Though, it gives delayed results, but they are worth it. Don't forget to submit your website to high quality directories say Dmoz, Yahoo directory, Zoominfo, One mission etc. Some directories also offer paid listing, but

  • Work Strategy For Fast SEO Results

    never go for it.

    6) Social Bookmarking

    It is considered as one of the worth way to promote, but now-a-days people are spamming on these sites without knowing how to use them. Search engines visit these sites more often and regulat content is updated , so be careful while doing submission on these sites.

    7) Link Exchange

    Exchanging links with the relevant websites, also termed as thermatic link exchange, helps in increasing your links popularity and Google page rank. But be aware of black-hat while doing link exchange.

    8) Link Baiting

    Suppose you have advertised content from other website in your blog, do place their link as a reference. In the same way, if your content is good for them, let them do it for you. This helps in link building and popularity.

    9) Cross-Linking

    Do internal linking within your website and increase the link's popularity, which is a major fact of Google page rank algorithm with the best known example Wikipedia. This kind of strategy could be hard to implement, but are more crawled by search engines.

    10) Photo Sharing

    Upload your website's product pictures on photo sharing sites and let your viewers view and comment on them that will help in drawing organic traffic towards your website. Some of the popular photo sharing sites are flickr, Picasa, Photo bucket, Shutterfly etc.

  • Work Strategy For Fast SEO Results

    11) Video Promotions

    Like photo sharing, upload your products' videos, expert opinions, and reviews on Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.

    12) Business Reviews

    In this, you have to write your reviews about other businesses or ask your friends/clients to write a review about your business on major business review sites like RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder etc.

    13) Local Listings

    Despite going global and facing enormous competition, make your website popular among locals so that search engines can easily crawl your website's content. This will help you reach target audience. Some popular local listings are Google local, Maps, Yahoo local, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog etc.

    14) Article Submission

    Write about your product in an article form and submit them to popular sites say Ezine, Go Articles etc. And this helps you attaining deep links for website, though it is a slow process.

    15) Press Release Promotion

    If you own a business or belong to an individual, then come out with the relevant latest news, and publish them on popular PR websites like 1888 PR, open PR, PR leap etc. & it will help you in publish your site in google news.

    16) Classifieds Submission

    Classified Submission is a must if you are promoting your business on advertising your products and

  • Work Strategy For Fast SEO Results

    this comes out to be free. Some of the popular classified sites are craiglist, kugli, Myspace, Vivastreet etc.

    17) Social Shopping Network

    If you are owner of e-commerce website, then advertise your brand/products for free by submitting them on Google product search, Yahoo online shopping, MSN online shopping and many popular shopping network sites.

    18) Answers

    Participate in Q/A sites by questioning and answering relevant topics. Link popularity can be increased by placing a link in your website in the source section if necessary, keeping in mind not to spam.

    19) Document Sharing

    Upload and share your website documents say business documents, information brochures and slides in Google docs, slideshare etc. And increase your brand popularity.

    20) CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission

    If you own a web design site or offer web design related services, then do submissions on CSS and W3C website directories that may drive traffic towards your website along with submissions on RSS feed directories.

    Note - Work Reports, all access and the links detai is provided week to week.

  • Work Strategy For Fast SEO Results