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Assignment on(Sell & Excel) Presented by ASHUTOSH SHARMA

My product - On 4th nov 2013 The FMCG company DABUR INDIA LTD announced its foray into the packaged milk shake market with the launch of RAL Fruit Shakes under the brand Real. This also marks brand Real extending its fruit expertise into milk-based drinks. the price of this product is 200 ml for Rs25 and 1 litre Rs 105. This product is being test-marketed in Delhi and Punjab.

100 per cent fruit juices and fruit-vegetable juices.more enjoyable and nutritious for kids.Cucumber juice helps to expel uric acid from the body. Potassium and calcium found in spinach helps in regulating blood pressure.

features it is naturally fat free.containsignificant amounts of vitamins & minerals.keep the digestive system in order.fight infection and diseases.It is packed in a six-layered Tetrapak packaging

advantages it is provides the energy. Real Fruit Shakes resolve the taste and health.

benefitscompetitors wholesaler retailer individual

CUSTOMER we can prospecting in two ways.who have current demand for the product and can get substantial benefit through the acquisition of the product. (Example- : wholesaler,retailer,individual)who have a need for the product or services in offer and have ability to buy them but need further persuasion. (Example-: rural territory)

Cold canvassingFriends and acquaintancesCenters of influence

prospectingmethod clear understanding of the prospect. To develop the call objectives.Determination of customer benefits.

Pre- approach

Benefit approachReferral approachIntroductory approach Attracting customer Attention (A) understanding the customers mind. (B) Influenced by customers choices and preferences. Creating interest (A) appreciates things of interest (B) help to solve their problems Organized presentation flexible helpful for new and experienced sales peopleSales - presentation

Presentation method

Comparison method Superior feature method

Assumptive close handling pen and sign to order

Handling objectionClosing the sales