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Filmteractive 2014

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  • 1. What is Filmteractive?
  • 2. The aims of Filmteractive Enable access to Market for young creators Enable business art networking Art promotion Education Experience exchange
  • 3. Film branch Interactive branch Investors Media Advertising branch Marketers Our target group includes:
  • 4. Filmteractive Conference is a unique combination of business & art, film & new technologies, youthful energy & experience. In 2014 the international business conference will be focused on the latest marketing trend CONTENT MARKETING.
  • 5. Filmteractive Market is the first interactive and crossmedia content marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • 6. In 2013 we received 32 projects In 2014 we already got over 50 submissions
  • 7. The winner of the Filmteractive Market in 2013 was Nullpunkt from Estonia. Authors: Dagmar Me, Tnis Vassar
  • 8. Filmteractive Festival is the part devoted to digital creators and artists, who present their innovative film & crossmedia projects, as well as digital art cases.
  • 9. The aim of the Filmteractive Festival is to promote digital art.
  • 10. Filmteractive Festival 2014 Our Focus: Alternative business models New ways of distribution In cooperation with You Tube
  • 11. Filmteractive Network is the first social network for digital & audiovisual artists as well as for those, who are interested in purchasing innovative projects and audiovisual formats. Filmteractive Network enables the creators to present their projects online, and to network with other artists and professionals.
  • 12. Buy your Filmteractive ticket at
  • 13. Find us online!