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Power of Persuasion

Power of Persuasionby Alena DziamidavaVSFS PMC Marketing CommunicationPresentation Skills 1PhDr. Ladislava Knihov

Tipping pointReciprocityWalking an extra mileFreebieSocial proofLiking

RoadmapPersuasion and the persuaded2 ways to get your message across6 weapons of influenceLooking and seeing

Persuasion isan active attempt to change beliefs and attitudesDifficultiesWe analyse data in consistency with what we already knowselective visionWe are lazy and have no timewe like shortcuts

Elaboration Likelihood ModelHow likely are people to think about my message?1970s by Richard E. Petty and John Cacioppo

2 routes of decision-making based on Motivation and Ability (MA)

Central (systematic): high MA, arguments, logicPeripheral: low MA, cues

Peripheral route: 6 Weapons of Influenceaccording to R. Cialdini

Logical = difficultPeripheral = easyReciprocityCommitmentSocial proofLikingAuthorityScarcity

1. ReciprocationThe old Give-and-Take and TakeWhen you offer something first for free, people feel a real sense of indebtedness towards you.Gift-giving cultureMarketing:offer first, pay-it-forwardexclusive and uniquemake sure they know its from you

2. Commitment and consistencyA Foot in the DoorWe just make a single decision, and use that as reference for subsequent related choices.Positive self-imageMarketing:small actionspublic commitmentsrewards

3. Social proofThe Truth are UsWe form evaluations about something based on the actions of other people.Word-of-mouth, follow the crowdMarketing:UsersWisdom of crowdsPeers

4. LikingLaws of AttractionWe are more likely to comply with requests made by people that we like.Liking = trustingMarketing:Physical attractiveness Similarity ComplimentsContact and Cooperation (CSR)Conditioning and Association Transfer of meaning

5. AuthorityTrust Me, Im a Doctor!We usually comply with authority, even with the perceived one.Law-abiding citizenMarketing:titles positions of power / experienceclothes superficial cues that signal authoritytrappings accessories/indirect cues that accompany authoritative roles

Virgin America Safety Video

Liking + Authority + Social proof =Celebrity EndorsementCelebrity / audience fitCelebrity / brand fitCelebrity attractivenessPractical considerations (costs, celeb exposure, risks)Social network


6. ScarcityCatch it before its goneWe attach more value to things that are few in quantityDemand & supplyMarketing:Limited number Deadline (Limited time)

Looking and SeeingReciprocationCommitment and consistencySocial proofLiking (incl. celebs endorsement)Authority (incl. celebs endorsement)ScarcityFootnote: These mechanisms are intrinsic and vital for the survival of our society!www.scnsoft.com

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